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The world's largest offshore wind power construction platform was launched in Nantong, Jiangsu Province. On October 28, the world's largest "Longyuan Zhenhua 3" 2000 ton wind power construction platform was launched in Zhenhua heavy industries. The problem we are facing now is the global dominant position of the industry that many Chinese customers think so and the current situation that many countries rely on one market to solve waste and recycling problems. The offshore platform business department held a launching ceremony

the construction of the platform was commenced in November 2016, the keel was laid in February 2017, and the main hull was completed by the end of June. The launching of the platform is an important part of the platform construction, and the existing enterprises have begun to place orders with Guoliang copper. In the future, equipment commissioning will be carried out as planned, and mooring tests will be carried out in an all-round way. The delivery of the platform will open a new chapter in the large-scale construction of offshore wind power units in China

the platform is a wind power construction platform independently developed, designed and manufactured by Zhenhua heavy industry, which integrates large-scale equipment hoisting, wind power equipment Piling and installation. With a length of 100.8m, a profile width of 43.2m, a profile depth of 8.4m, and a lifting capacity of 2000 tons, it is the largest in the world. Before that, the maximum lifting capacity of the global jack up wind power installation platform was 1500 tons; The double hook and single hook lifting capacity of the platform can reach 1500 tons, which can realize the air turning over of large MW offshore wind turbine foundation; The lifting height of the crane on the platform is 120 meters, which is the highest among the jack up wind power installation platforms in the world. The maximum operating water depth reaches 50m, which is the highest in China. It is a key weapon for China's offshore wind power operation from shallow sea to offshore

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it is worth mentioning that the crane, lifting system, propeller, dynamic positioning system and other key accessories on the platform have been 100% localized, providing equipment support for the development of offshore wind power in China

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