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On the development of gravure plate making technology (I)

gravure printing is a magical printing process. Although the process is simple, the printed images are rich in layers and bright colors. Good definition. High quality. The only challenge is that the production of gravure cylinder is difficult. It has been hundreds of years since the first copper plated gravure cylinder came out in 1446. With the development of science and technology, gravure plate making technology is becoming more and more advanced and complex. During this period, it has experienced several development stages. The first one was hand carved intaglio, and then there were needle carved intaglio, engraving intaglio, corrosion intaglio and direct engraving intaglio. The core problem and basic principle of various gravure plate making processes is what kind of imaging method is used, whether it is carving imaging or etching on the surface of copper layer

requirements for gravure plate making technology

people who have experienced the era of corrosive gravure plate making know that the corrosive plate making process is quite complex. Moreover, in corrosive plate making, a large number of expensive materials and equipment need to be used, and many process steps need to be completed by manual operation, which will be excessively affected by the subjective factors of operators. Compared with the etching plate making process, the electronic engraving plate making process is too simple, and it can also realize the digital control of the process. It is easy to operate and reliable in quality. At present, no film engraving has been realized, and the original information is no longer required to be scanned. The data information can directly drive and control the electric engraving needle, and the engraving process can be controlled through software

electronic engraving process greatly simplifies the production process of gravure cylinder. The production efficiency is improved, and the quality of plate cylinder and the reliability of plate making process are also greatly improved. In addition, due to the abandonment of many chemicals harmful to human body, not only the working environment has been improved, but also more conducive to the health of operators. Just take books and periodicals to print 2 For the screw gravure plate cylinder on the Rotating Zigzag rod, the corrosion plate making process can produce 2 color separation pages per person per shift, but after equipped with the automatic K6 klischograph engraving machine, each person per shift can produce 150 color separation pages. The same is true in the field of packaging and printing. Electronic engraving greatly improves the efficiency of plate making

no matter what new gravure plate making technology appears in the future, in order to obtain recognition and great development, certain conditions must be met, that is, whether the quality, production efficiency and process reliability of the plate cylinder can be guaranteed to be improved, which is also an important standard to measure the progressiveness of each new process and technology. If the process can not be simplified, the new process can not meet people's needs

electronic engraving plate making technology

generally, gravure printing is called continuous tone printing in some reference books, that is, when the ink is transferred from the hole of the plate cylinder to the substrate, the real and natural gray value can be obtained. Because gravure printing ink is as thin as water, it is transparent on the surface of the substrate and can filter light, which is similar to the performance of silver salt layer in photography

at the end of the 19th century, with the development of photographic technology which also showed an attractive prospect of utilization, people put forward higher requirements for the proposed method of expanding 3D printing to carbon neutral materials, which opened up a new direction in the field of sustainable development. The first one put forward is the theory of adding continuous tone. The gray value of the image is reflected by points of different area sizes. This method has been used until now, but the adding method of the original has changed a lot. The original non-contact addition was replaced by contact addition. Now it is completed by Rip (raster image processor). Generally, any value between 0 and 255 is used to represent the gray value of the image, and then rip converts it into points of different shapes, sizes and positions

compared with the plate imaging process of embossing, offset printing and flexo printing, the electronic engraving gravure process is obviously much simpler. The value corresponding to the gray value of the original image can be directly transmitted to the electronic engraving machine, and the diamond engraving needle can be controlled to engrave on the surface of the copper layer. Moreover, the area and depth of the engraved holes can be changed. It is worth mentioning that the electronic engraving can obtain a high-quality gravure cylinder suitable for specific printing conditions (including printing machine, ink, paper, etc.) by simply adjusting the gradient curve

as described above, it is very important to control the electric engraving needle with gray value data to achieve accurate matching with gravure eye tone images. In other words, the perfect combination of electronic engraving plate making and gravure printing process has greatly improved the reliability of the process and the quality of the plate cylinder, which is unmatched by corrosive gravure (including traditional photographic gravure and direct gravure)

it is worth mentioning that, unlike offset printing, electronic engraving can not replicate text and lines more finely than the selected number of engraving lines, which limits the replication quality of text and lines. In recent years, hall company has improved the dynamic control of electric carving needle and developed hqh software, which can effectively eliminate the "jagged edge" of small yin-yang lines. Moreover, in many cases, the gravure printing text is softer and easier to read than offset printing. However, there is no doubt that packaging printing has higher requirements for intaglio printing quality, and people hope that the printing quality of words and lines can be further improved

due to the maintenance of transmission control system: the gravure plate making process of unified photography has many limitations. With its rich experience in the plate making field for 40 years, hall company has set a new goal to further improve the plate making process and quality level of gravure cylinder. In order to achieve this goal, what guarantees can be provided from a technical point of view? Here is a brief introduction to the imaging technology of gravure cylinder

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