On the design requirements of Baijiu packaging

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Talking about the requirements of Baijiu packaging design (I) in the design of liquor packaging, we should first pay attention to the unity of packaging design and product attributes

packaging can be known by buyers in a very short time in sales and plays a decisive role in sales. Therefore, in order to increase market share, Baijiu enterprises have made a lot of efforts in packaging, but many distilleries are confused in the use of packaging design brands. In the long run, no matter how big a strong brand will decline in the short term, the plastic box on the booth of Dongguan jishuo Industrial Co., Ltd. is also very profitable and has become a martyr of the market economy

packaging should first focus on the product and should not run counter to the attributes of the product. The positioning of advertising appeal determines the target consumer group of the product. Therefore, the packaging of the product must be subject to this appeal point, and innovation and layout planning should be carried out around the established appeal point. If the design is contrary to the pre-determined selling points of the product, it will inevitably lead to confusion of consumer awareness, that is, consumers will not find a reason to drink your wine

at the same time, it is necessary to strengthen the exchange and communication with customers. When you and customers reach a consensus on the product packaging design concept through efforts, you can get twice the result with half the effort and have a pleasant cooperation in future cooperation

packaging design should be consistent with brand positioning. Nowadays, the consumption of Baijiu has changed from physiological needs to psychological needs, which puts forward higher requirements for the packaging of liquor

in other words, a Baijiu that wants to establish a good brand must rely on a certain cultural connotation that conforms to the psychology of mass consumption as the cornerstone, and from this as a clue to carry out a series of integrated marketing activities such as product production, image positioning and marketing strategy, so as to achieve the purpose of occupying the market and creating a famous brand. Therefore, the positioning of brand culture must be clear, the connotation must be profound, and the packaging design must appropriately express the brand cultural connotation, so as to have a rich and stable social psychological foundation and a stable consumer group

the problems of color, box type and redundant low-end capacity in packaging design have not been effectively solved, and the bottle type should be broken through. At present, the packaging of domestic Baijiu has certain limitations in terms of design. The use of hue is basically fixed in the limited range of red, yellow, gold, white and black, and the consumer group only agrees with the chromatic system. Although there are exceptions, they are not very successful in sales

there is a lack of innovation in the box type. The innovation of a product in the packaging shape can make the product attributes expressed clear at a glance, thus making consumers have a consumption impulse. The main reason for this situation is that there are few professional groups engaged in box type design in China, while few packaging designers are both proficient in graphic design and familiar with box type design. Often, the graphic design is good but the box design is unsatisfactory, or the box type design is good but can not be mass produced due to printing process and other reasons

in terms of bottle shape design, the design company has insufficient communication with the customer, and the customer often chooses the bottle sample before looking for the designer, which is not conducive to the overall image planning and sales of the enterprise

(II) packaging design should keep the graphic design systematic. Lack of systematicness in graphic design

Baijiu producers' consideration in sales will form high, medium and low-grade series products in product structure. Under normal circumstances, high-grade liquor sets up brand and image, and middle-grade and low-grade liquor generates profits. Therefore, attention should be paid to both unity and differentiation in packaging design, that is, consumers should not only transfer the good impression of high-grade liquor on thermoelectric conversion materials and solar cells to low-grade liquor, but also not make low-grade liquor damage the image of high-grade liquor. In fact, the box can be designed into different shapes to distinguish the grade of wine, which not only helps dealers to distribute goods, but also avoids the lack of star classification (low-grade one star and two stars will hurt consumers' self-esteem). It can be seen that it is very important for designers to understand the effect of consumers' psychology on computers, including the collection, transmission, response, analysis, display and printer of test data

The 21st century is an era of rapid development and transformation of science and technology. People's ideas, consumption habits and production methods are in a breaking period. Therefore, it is not only the pursuit but also the task for our designers to keep up with the pace of the times, cater to consumption habits, study consumption psychology and guide consumption ideas

social psychology, public relations, marketing and even political economics play a more and more important role in guiding design. Therefore, strengthening the self-cultivation of designers' own cultural quality is the primary premise to improve the level of packaging design: in the new century full of opportunities and challenges, if the majority of packaging designers can exercise self-discipline with a sense of hardship, Baijiu packaging design will reach a higher level

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