Decoration 28 avoid the recommendation of Mrs. AVO

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1. Regret the open kitchen and have the problem of lampblack

2 Regret that the bathroom and kitchen are not equipped with a tap water purifier. As long as the water supply is cut off at home, the tap water often flows out of yellow water

3 I regret that the range hood is European style, which is not good-looking and useless. I should use Chinese style

4 Regret the lack of power sockets. There are tow boards everywhere at home. You can install as many as you can. 5 Regret that there is no reserved power socket beside the toilet, and Wei Xili (toilet cleaner) can't install it. It's painful to think about it Bathtub PK shower, if you choose one of two, it is still recommended to take a shower. The bathtub is installed. It is not a few who have never taken a bath. Shower does not refer to the shower room. The glass of the shower room is still very tired to wipe, and you can also choose to hang a shower curtain 7 If there are two bathrooms, it is still necessary to install a bathtub. It is a good choice to bubble large clothes and help the baby take a bath. There is no need to soak in the jacuzzi. It can't be soaked for a few times, and it is particularly expensive

8 Regret that the kitchen is not equipped with air conditioning, and cry in summer 9 Regret that there is no direct drinking water purifier installed in the kitchen. It is still necessary to install one. There is no need to buy bottled water. If there is a problem with tap water, you are not afraid. If you use it early, you will know it early.

10 If you like surfing the Internet, at least 2 Internet ports and more than 2 sockets are reserved on each wall of each room. Wireless routing can indeed solve the problem, but sometimes it is still unstable

11 I regret that the kitchen flue didn't go out. Now as long as someone cooks in the building, my own range hood must be turned on at the same time, otherwise the smell of oil smoke in the room

12 The location of various sockets in the room deviates from the size of furniture bought later, which wastes a lot of sockets

13 If you can buy it in a mall, don't ask a carpenter to do it! Unless the carpentry is quite good

14 The color of the floor should be a little light, so it is not easy to see gray. The kitchen and bathroom floor tiles should be a little dark, so it is not easy to find hair everywhere, so it is the most resistant to dirt

15 It's best to install a ceiling fan in the restaurant, which is super cool with the air conditioner

16 Try to have more storage space, and there will be more and more sundries to store after check-in. Families with two children must prepare

17 It is better to use ceramic tiles on the wall of the balcony, which is more waterproof than paint

18 I regret buying and installing so many lights, but in fact, the only fixed ones are

19 Regret that the hall is not equipped with an air purifier. In winter, the haze is particularly serious, and the children's room must be installed. The formaldehyde and toluene in the newly decorated house seriously exceed the standard, and it is useless to put a ton of grapefruit peel

20 Super regret that the toilet's dresser is glass, which is super easy to get dirty. You should use ceramic

21. If you buy it, you don't have to sell it. You should believe that the sky won't fall out for no reason. The decoration of a house is based on 10000 yuan. It's better to go to the market and shop around. It's never out of date. With a little effort, you can save tens of thousands of yuan

22. I regret that I forgot to install a switch at the head of the bed. I have to get out of bed and turn off the lights every time. It's very sad in winter, especially for women Regret buying five cheap fittings, bathroom hardware, especially faucets, and so on. It's absolutely a penny for a penny. Flooding the golden mountain is out of greed for bargains

24 When decorating, try not to leave inaccessible places. It is difficult to clean dead corners, especially for women, which is too troublesome

25 For families planning to have children in the future, we must calculate the size, and reserve a position next to the bed for the crib, which is super practical

26 It is suggested that all faucets should be installed with hot and cold water pipes. It won't cost a lot of money to install more water pipes during decoration. It's extremely difficult to remedy after the event, and you definitely don't want to do it

28 The less impractical decorations in the room, the better. The RMB can't be torn off when it is pasted. Sooner or later, it will be out of date. Remember to collect it





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