Shannis cabinet Quanzhou Shuitou branch reopens

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On October 1st, 2011, sunis Quanzhou Shuitou branch was reopened, which means that a new trend of home life is about to set off in Jiujiang, Jiangxi Province

Sunnis, as a large manufacturer focusing on overall cabinet furniture, Sunnis cabinet is committed to inheriting the perfect combination of long-standing Canadian culture and Chinese traditional furniture culture, collecting the most cutting-edge fashion elements, rendering a smart and dazzling light, and providing high-quality products with excellent functions for global consumers

this time, Shuitou branch reopened and specially launched new furniture products, such as North Point coast, Bobst, maple leaf Avenue, Europa and sailuti, which are designed to enable Shuitou consumers to experience the home life attitude brought by Sunnis. Sunnis cabinets will gradually enter cities all over the country, so that more consumers can experience the humanistic lifestyle advocated by Sunnis as soon as possible


North Point coast


maple leaf Avenue




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