What are the precautions for wardrobe installation

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In order to make better use of the bedroom space, solve the irregular shape of the bedroom and avoid the idleness of embarrassing space, many families are now more inclined to choose to assemble the wardrobe when adding it. Assembling the wardrobe requires us or our master to install it. What are the precautions for the installation of the wardrobe? What are the steps of wardrobe assembly? Now let's learn about the assembly steps of the wardrobe with Xiaobian

detailed explanation of wardrobe assembly steps

1 Install the bottom plate

before installing, we should first select its bottom plate and install it first. When installing the base plate, the interface must be aligned. After installing the base plate, gently push and shake it by hand. If it is stable and does not shake, you can continue to install the next step

2. Install the backplane

after the backplane is installed, we should install the backplane next. At this time, we need to pay attention to the need to maintain a 90 degree right angle between the backplane and the backplane, so that the force will be uniform, so as to avoid errors and skew, etc

3. Install the side plate

then we need to install its side plate, and it should also maintain a 90 degree right angle with the back plate directly. If there is a little skew during the installation process, it must be corrected in time

4. Install the top plate

at this time, its main body is basically completed, or the top plate is not installed. We must pay attention to the stability of its interface and the firmness of the top plate during installation, so as to complete the device of all structures of the combined wardrobe

5. Install the remaining parts

then we can install the cabinet door, drawer and clothes hanger one by one. When these parts are installed, the installation of the whole wardrobe is completed

what are the precautions for wardrobe installation

1 Before installing the wardrobe, we need to pay attention to the size of each plate

we need to accurately understand the size of each part of the plate, and clearly know which part it is and which part it is. So that we won't get confused. Step by step according to the steps in the installation instructions. Do not skip or save steps, otherwise it will directly affect the installation effect of the wardrobe. And its spare parts must be checked completely, do not lose, otherwise it will easily affect the stability of the wardrobe

2. Pay attention to its safety during installation

because its main body is wood and has a certain weight, we must pay attention to its safety during installation to avoid being injured and bumped, and also to avoid being damaged and bumped

Xiaobian's words: there are many precautions for the installation of the wardrobe. We must install it in the order of installing it, so that the installation process can be more smooth and avoid rework. The above is the relevant knowledge of the wardrobe assembly steps that Xiaobian explained to you. I hope I can give you some reference! For more relevant content, you can pay attention to information, and more wonderful content will be presented in the future





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