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In the process of developing, a company often neglects the management of the rear company when expanding the shopping mall, and the cultivation of talents is a very important aspect of the company's management. The essence of the competition of doors and windows profession is the competition of talents. How much potential the talent explosion announces, how far the door and window enterprise has to go. We should know that even if products with the same price are placed in the hands of different people, different values can occur. Who can find the right consumers at the right time and at the right address, who can truly win the market, and how to cultivate talents? Let's explore together with Guanhao door and window editor

it is understood that window and door professionals have a very low education level above junior college, and most of them are employees below junior high school. On the other hand, even today's cadres are mostly the talents used when fighting across the country, rather than the future talents who will govern the country and even create another country in the future. Therefore, there is no doubt about doing things, but it is like one in a hundred to have real professional talents in the management company and even the operation company. There are many people who can make the same products, but those who can plan products cherish animals even more. The reasons can be summarized into the following three major reasons and nine minor reasons:

Company and talent concept and trust questions:

① many private company owners have doubts and concerns about the professional ethics and moral integrity of employees in today's environment, Therefore, the "shortsightedness" of employment has led to the three difficult situations of the company today: it is difficult to handle, it is difficult to use talents, and it is more difficult to use talents in the future. Therefore, it has led to the situation of "weak commander and strong general"

② because the owners of door and window enterprises in the early stage did not pay attention to talent training, many high-quality operation, planning and planning talents despised the door and window factory, and would not go no matter how good the conditions were, so they might not find someone if they wanted to

employers' questions of small and medium-sized companies:

① only milking without feeding. Once you enter the door and window factory, you will have to work without sleep. There is no time and strength to rest or self sufficiency at all, and the company has not been able to establish a set of useful talent training mechanism

② out of doubt about the loyalty of employees, many private company owners only pay attention to the employment rather than the cultivation of talents. This makes the employees of private companies insist on "low loyalty" to the company when they are uncertain about whether the company can provide growth opportunities, and this achievement constitutes a "vicious circle" of "people in Cao Ying heart in Han"

③ pragmatic talent view: production and sales are talents, and others do not know their advantages

④ take the idea of doctrine. Instead of spending money on training promising and potential employees, they recruit from the society in a short, flat and fast way. The more terrible fault is that they are constrained to have private employment experience. Of course, most of the results obtained or the people found are "speculative practices"

⑤ the boss or senior executives themselves lack professional knowledge in handling, so they naturally cannot buy good goods without knowing the goods




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