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Before we go out, we will sort out our clothes a little, not to mention how beautiful they are, at least they should be neat and clean. The same is true of the wardrobe. Only by keeping it clean and paying attention to maintenance can it leave a fresh side for the room

alas, it's not good. The clean and bright face of the wardrobe is going to become a big cat face. What should we do? Don't worry, Stanley wardrobe shares some tips with you

1. Other cleaning and maintenance precautions

the bottom rail is easy to accumulate floating dust, which will affect the sliding of the bottom wheel, thus affecting the service life of the sliding door. Therefore, it is necessary to often use a vacuum cleaner to remove the floating dust on the bottom rail. The corners can be cleaned with a rag dipped in water, and at the same time, pay attention to wipe them dry with a lint free cotton cloth

2. Do a good job in the long-term protection of the wardrobe

place small bags of dry lime or other desiccants in the corner of the wardrobe, and place camphor and tobacco leaves in the wardrobe to prevent moths and cockroaches; Put some pepper to prevent mice

3. Cleaning and maintenance of the cabinet

the cabinet is built of plates, which are the main constituent materials of the overall wardrobe, and their quality directly determines the service life of the wardrobe. Decoration first reminds consumers that the board of the overall wardrobe on the market is mainly man-made board, and solid wood board is less used due to its high price and other reasons. The cabinet occupies most of the area of the wardrobe. Pay attention to keeping the surface clean every day. When there is dust, use a wool duster or soft cloth to remove dust

4. Cleaning and maintenance of hardware accessories

hardware accessories of the wardrobe include handles, locks, hinges, etc. Although they are small, they play a significant role. The cleaning and maintenance of these hardware accessories are indispensable. Hardware fittings should be gently wiped with a dry soft cloth. Do not clean them with chemical cleaners or acidic liquids, otherwise the hardware will be corroded

dim cleaning method for the surface of stainless steel handle and other hardware: it can be wiped with brightener to add brightness. Cleaning method: when the rotation is not flexible enough, scrape a small amount of black powder from the pencil lead and gently blow it into the lock hole. Decoration first network reminds consumers to avoid dripping lubricating oil, which will make it easier to adhere to dust. Cleaning methods: the adhesion of dust on hinges, lifting wheels and casters may reduce the performance due to the adhesion of dust during long-term movement. One or two drops of lubricating oil every half a year or so can keep it smooth

pay attention to the maintenance of the wardrobe every day, and keep a good mood at any time




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