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Small houses are now the mainstream of real estate and are very popular with young people. Its area is small, and the decoration is relatively troublesome. It is almost impossible to match some large furniture. Today, Xiaobian will share with you how to choose a sofa in the small living room. Let's see which brand of small family sofa is good

which brand of small family sofa is better

1 Huayuanxuan furniture

huayuanxuan furniture has a wide selection of styles, especially the sofa shape is very unique, and its functions are also very many. It is a small family sofa brand gradually developing towards diversified functions

2. Amy Xuan

Amy Xuan is also a relatively good small family sofa brand, especially its customization service is favored, which is mainly customized according to the needs of different users, and designed according to the family type, so as to create everyone's unique exquisite home life

3. Left and right furniture

if you want to say who is the leader in the brand of small family sofa, it must be left and right furniture with the title of Chinese famous brand. Its brand was founded in 1986, is the pioneer of the living room cultural project, and is a well-known brand with the highest share

how to choose sofa in small living room

1 Choose a low sofa

matching a low sofa in the small living room can make the space above the sofa larger, thus giving people a visual experience of larger space. This kind of sofa is relatively short and generally has no armrest. The overall streamlined shape makes the living room space more smooth. You can choose three, two or 1+1 type according to the living room area, and it's even better to match it with some Nordic style small tea tables

2. Choose sofa bed

the living room can be more powerful with sofa bed. It can act as a seat during the day and can be expanded at night, which is convenient for guests to stay. The sofa bed is generally two or three fold. The sofa bed after being put away is exquisite and not clumsy, and its area has also been reduced by half. It is easy to carry, time-saving and labor-saving, and it also sleeps soft and comfortable

3. Double sofa

in fact, choosing a double sofa for a small house type saves more space, because the width of a small three person sofa is generally about 2.1m, with an average of 70cm per person, so the relative comfort of sitting is not enough. The double sofa is not only more spacious, but also can save a lot of space. Its corners or extra space can be used, and it can be made into some bookshelves or lockers to store

4. Single sofa

compared with corner sofa and combination sofa, single sofa saves the most space. Corner sofa can sit and lie comfortably, and combination sofa takes up the most space. It looks more classy and very noble, so single sofa is more suitable for small houses

editor's summary: the above is about which brand of small family sofa is good and how to choose sofa in the small living room. I hope the sharing of Xiaobian can help you. Please pay attention to more decoration information




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