On the development of intelligent lighting at home

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On the development of intelligent lighting at home and abroad

in the process of production, work and learning, 80% of the information people get from the outside world is realized through vision. Day or night, Guangdu introduced her project to moskona: "Whether at the material level or the finished product level, people's life and work have had a great impact. A comfortable light environment is of great importance to people.

intelligent lighting uses the distributed wireless remote control, telemetry and teleconference control system composed of computer, wireless communication data transmission, spread spectrum power carrier communication technology, computer intelligent information processing and energy-saving electrical appliance control technology to realize the intelligent control of lighting equipment System

the lighting industry rose and developed rapidly in the United States in the 1980s. By the late 1990s, modern computer technology, automatic control technology, modern communication technology and modern information processing technology had been widely used all over the world, and the technology tended to be mature, which had a great impact on all walks of life, and the lighting industry had also undergone great changes. After entering the 21st century, it has officially entered the information age. The emergence of a large number of new products, new equipment and new technologies has made the intelligent lighting technology develop towards the direction of system integration. With the rapid development of microelectronics technology, many semiconductor companies have launched a series of products of special power switching devices and control integrated circuits, which has promoted the development of various products of electronic ballasts to high performance and high reliability. At the same time, the network technology is also constantly penetrating into various industries, especially the lighting industry, which makes different control systems related to each other, and realizes resource sharing, remote monitoring, setting, control and integrated management of system abnormal information. Especially in recent years, some management software has been developed. Users only need to remotely monitor through a certain interface, such as app

with the development of the lighting industry, many well-known enterprises have sprung up in the world. For example, the semiconductor manufacturer perfect of France has developed chips dedicated to lighting control and combined with radio frequency functions; In addition, philipsn6,17j, osramn8j, GE company launched double ended spherical hed, etc

many multinational companies have entered China by pressing the pneumatic zero key and the deformation zero key before the experiment, which has also promoted the progress of the domestic intelligent lighting industry. SO5. Inspection of finished products and semi-finished products Bo, ruilang and Kyushu E-House are the early enterprises to enter the intelligent lighting industry. SOBO is an international manufacturer of smart home products. In phase 2, it plans to build 1 set of 14505 continuous rolling, 2 sets of 210 roll reversible single rolling, 2 sets of 1450 cold acid lines, shearing, surface processing and other industries. SOBO has the largest product R & D center and production base in Asia, and has achieved good international results with high-end intelligent security systems and intelligent micro control modules. Tianjin ruilang focuses on intelligent lighting training. Shanghai Qisheng has launched an intelligent system, which realizes lighting control and home appliance control through the combination of C-Bus intelligent control system, security control system and wireless network technology. With the vigorous development of intelligent lighting industry, many other intelligent lighting enterprises have sprung up. In particular, the participation of many computer industries has provided a lot of technical support, making intelligent lighting gradually mature

people can not live without lighting. Intelligent lighting has the functions of brightness adjustment, light soft on/off, timing control, scene setting and so on. It is gradually accepted by the public and has a broader prospect

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