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On the development of color coated aluminum strip industry. Because of its good flatness, corrosion resistance, decoration and mechanical properties, it is favored by the market and widely used in building decoration, food packaging, electronics, printing, transportation and other fields. Color coated aluminum is divided into high-end fluorocarbon color coating and low-end polyester color coating. China's Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shanghai and Shandong are the key markets of color coated aluminum industry. At present, the current situation of color coated aluminum in China is that the production capacity of ordinary products is surplus, and the production capacity of high-tech, high-precision and high-quality products is insufficient, resulting in a large number of imports

in terms of application fields, color coated aluminum has developed well in the fields of architectural decoration, food packaging, electronics, printing and transportation

first, let's take a look at the color coated cellene TPE particles for food packaging, which are widely used in medical devices, packaging and other standardized markets. In food packaging, color coated aluminum is mainly used to make food cans, mainly including can covers, cans, food boxes and packaging sealed bags. Take the pull ring as an example, at present, there are three categories of aluminum easy pull covers: the first category is Babao porridge and beer; The second category is beverages; The third category is dry powder. Among them, and beer used as Babao porridge have the largest scale, the highest production capacity and the largest market demand. The easy pull cover and pull ring materials for dry powder are the smallest, and the market demand is also the smallest

first, the rise and development cycle of color coated aluminum industry

each industry has its own life cycle, and color coated aluminum is no exception. The introduction period of color coated aluminum was in the early 1990s. At that time, it mainly depended on foreign imports, and the price of products was very high. The growth period is: after 2000, a considerable number of enterprises can produce two types of products. With the continuous progress of technology, the quality is continuously improved. Because it is not as good as Caigang, it is in a period of slow growth. The financial crisis in 2008 gradually became mature after 2010

second, analysis of color coated aluminum enterprises

the more famous aluminum substrate suppliers in the market are: Nanshan aluminum, Bohai aluminum, Henan Wanda and other enterprises

the more famous coating suppliers are PPG, beige industrial Zhonghua paint Co., Ltd. and zhengtaiyang coating Co., Ltd. (Shenzhen)

famous can making enterprises include Guangdong Bohua container Co., Ltd., Zhuhai China Metal Packaging Group Co., Ltd., Taicang Xingda can making Co., Ltd., COFCO packaging & Capping Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Boer Asia Pacific metal container Co., Ltd. and Huizhou crown capping Co., Ltd

among the color coated aluminum enterprises, Zhejiang qianghuang, Jiangsu Lidao and Litong aluminum are standing in the first square; The second square includes Southwest Aluminum, Fujian Ruimin, Shandong Nanshan aluminum, Shandong Linyi Jinhu color coating aluminum Co., Ltd., Shandong Pingyin Hengshun, Shandong seven color blue sky, Shandong Pingyin Yixin aluminum, Zhejiang juke, Jiangsu prorec roller coating Co., Ltd., etc

third, analysis of competition

by the end of 2016, there were nearly 150 major domestic color coated aluminum sheet and strip manufacturers, such as Zhejiang wall Huang, Lidao new material, Litong aluminum, Southwest Aluminum, Fujian Ruimin, Nanshan aluminum, Henan Xintai, etc. among them, Zhejiang wall Huang, Lidao new material and Litong aluminum were among the top three enterprises with comprehensive strength in this field, belonging to the first phalanx, and their products were at the high-end level, Other manufacturers are in a chaotic and low-cost competition situation

Figure 1 Statistics of market share of food grade color coated aluminum enterprises

from the perspective of food grade color coated aluminum, the enterprise's market share: Shandong Nanshan aluminum is the only enterprise specialized in producing aluminum in China and the only aluminum industry chain with the shortest distance and the most complete in the world. At present, the company has two production lines of color coated aluminum plates for food packaging, with a production capacity of 60000 tons. The products account for 33% of the market share for 50 years. Southwest Aluminum Group is a comprehensive super large aluminum processing enterprise with the largest production scale, the most advanced technical equipment and the most complete varieties and specifications in China. It has two coating production lines and a capacity of 50000 tons of color coated aluminum plates for packaging. As the first enterprise engaged in the R & D and production of tank cover base plate, its market share is about 20%. In the early stage, the production capacity of high-precision aluminum sheet and strip products of Asia Aluminum can reach 400000 tons/year. However, since the liquidation of the game in 2009, the aluminum sheet and strip industry has been unable to recover and finally had to break its arm to survive. At present, there is no color coated aluminum business, and the market share is almost 0%. Huaqiao Aluminum Co., Ltd. is a state-owned enterprise mainly engaged in the production of aluminum coil coating. At present, it has a roller coating production line of can lid and ring material color coated aluminum plate, with an annual production capacity of 10000 tons, accounting for 4% of the market share

Zhaoqing Lidao New Material Technology Co., Ltd., overseas Chinese Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. and Anhui wall bright color Aluminum Co., Ltd. are the largest competitors in the coating industry, but their nature is the same, that is, purchasing base materials for processing. Overseas Chinese aluminum is a state-owned enterprise, and the equipment and technology level are slightly backward compared with Anhui walling Color Aluminum Co., Ltd. as a private enterprise, Anhui walling Color Aluminum Co., Ltd. has great flexibility, and the technology is gradually stabilized with the increase of working time. Litong Shanghai Co., Ltd. is one of the first four color aluminum coating enterprises invested in China. It has four color aluminum coil coating production lines with an annual production capacity of more than 20000 tons, including one three coating and two drying line. The maximum coating width can reach 1600mm, and the thickness of the substrate can reach 0.03mm-1mm. 50% of the company's products are exported abroad. The strength of Litong in the future is still immeasurable, and the coating industry is expected to achieve an output of 100000 tons/year

fourth, analysis of technology research and development of color coated aluminum industry

in the future, color coated aluminum will be used in technology research and development. The system solution will sweep the market: Klaus mafi's ipul system is very suitable for pultrusion molding. The profile and rod used in the building and wind energy industry is to achieve the production of color coated aluminum plates more than 2mm; Have high-quality coating production technology and production base; In terms of equipment, the number of high-capacity units with a capacity of more than 20000 tons should be gradually increased to improve the market share of high-end color coated aluminum in China; Adjust the layout of color coated aluminum so that remote areas such as the southwest and Northwest can also have local color coated aluminum production lines to meet the different needs of different regions

fifth, on the future of color coated aluminum industry

zhuochuang predicts that the production capacity of color coated aluminum plates in China will increase steadily at the rate of% per year. At present, China should make greater efforts to develop and introduce foreign advanced technology and production equipment, improve the comprehensive technical level of enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, improve efficiency, reduce the loss of raw and auxiliary materials, and strive to make China's color coated aluminum industry a world leader

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