On the design of great brands

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On the design of great brands

I. what is a great brand

the inherent name of the product has gradually disappeared

"Coca Cola" is the first foreign company to come to China, mainly engaged in carbonated beverages, that is, soft drinks. After years of brand accumulation, people no longer say "I drink Coca Cola carbonated beverage", but "I drink Coca Cola". Similarly, we have been used to calling "Rolex", "McDonald's" and "Mercedes Benz" instead of "Rolex watch", "McDonald's fast food restaurant" or "Mercedes Benz". Brand has entered our language habit, and brand exists in every link of our life

what is a great brand? The following are the top 10 most valuable brands in China in 2003

Haier (RMB 53billion); TCL (26.712 billion yuan); Hongta mountain (46billion yuan); Changhong (26.706 billion yuan); Wuliangye (26.9 billion yuan); Midea (RMB 12.15 billion); Lenovo (26.805 billion yuan); Liberation (10.762 billion yuan); FAW (26.763 billion yuan); Qingdao (10.09billion yuan)

top 20 global brands in 2002

Coca Cola (US $69.64 billion); Ford ($20.4 billion); Microsoft ($64.09 billion); Toyota ($19.45 billion); IBM ($51.19 billion); Citibank (US $18.07 billion); General Electric ($41.31 billion); HP ($16.78 billion); Intel ($30.86 billion); American Express ($16.29 billion); Nokia ($29.97 billion); Cisco ($16.22 billion); Disney ($29.26 billion); At t (US $16.06 billion); McDonald's ($26.38 billion); Honda ($15.06 billion); Marlboro ($24.15 billion); Gillette (US $14.96 billion); Mercedes ($21.01 billion); BMW ($14.43 billion)

as Wuying, vice chairman of UT Starcom, said: a successful brand should be the first name people think of when they have any needs in this field

then, how can we become a brand and a great brand

II. Horizontal extension of the brand

the brand is a complex symbol, which is the intangible sum of brand attributes, name, packaging, price, history, reputation and advertising methods. At the same time, brands are also defined by consumers' impression of their users and their own experience

-- David Ogilvy, founder of Ogilvy & Mather

products are produced by factories and brands are purchased by consumers. Products are easily out of date, but successful brands can last forever—— The brand of Stephen King, the originator of business planning, represents the feelings of consumers about their products and services in their lives, and the trust and significance of medium and thick steel plates reaching the minimum hardness requirements—— It can be seen from Michael perry

chairman of Unilever that a brand is a combination of product benefits, enterprise core values, and consumer experience and feelings

from the perspective of operators, there are two points that can be grasped subjectively, namely "product benefit points" and "enterprise core values". Fundamentally speaking, the interest point of a product is the quality of the product. Good quality does not necessarily mean a good brand. It is only an indispensable and important factor in a great brand; But a good brand must have good quality. The core values of the enterprise can be said to be an intermediate driving force. It caters to the consumer's consumption experience by means of brand concept, brand image, brand publicity and other methods and means to gain trust and turn the consumer's feelings into something actually existing - brand value

people first buy quantity, then quality, and then sense. That is, the characteristics caused by cognition, interest, demand, desire, image, meaning and value orientation. Today's consumption pays more attention to the unexpected effect, love at first sight, and emotional consumption in an irrational state

the first reason why people have the desire to buy is need. The so-called need mainly refers to people's desire and desire for a certain goal. Desire is fundamentally a psychological phenomenon. Behavioral scientists often refer to the desire to promote behavior as need. Max once pointed out: "actually creating an object world and transforming the inorganic nature is the self confirmation of human being as a conscious kind of existence. (Economics - Philosophical Manuscripts in 1844)

Abraham Maslow in his hierarchy of needs It is also said in that it starts from the lowest level of needs and develops upward to the higher level of needs in a ladder shape. It can be divided into five basic levels: physiological needs, security needs, social needs (or the needs of belonging and love), respect needs, (cognitive, aesthetic) self realization needs. He believes that human beings are driven by a number of unchanging, genetic and instinctive needs, which are not only physiological but also psychological to strengthen on-site control. In an industrial society, form follows emotion

through the above analysis, we can simply sum up an excellent brand as consisting of trusted quality, perfect service and unique image. If you want to achieve the glory of the brand, you must spread the brand concept; Build brand image; Carry out brand actions; Only in this way can we increase the cultural cultivation and historical accumulation of the brand, so as to obtain an excellent brand since 2014

In the

s, the competition among enterprises was entirely the competition of commodity power. Whoever had good quality won the market. Since the 1980s, the word "marketing" has gradually popularized in China, and the competition among enterprises has shifted from commodity power to marketing power. In this century, with the increasingly fierce market competition, the differences between product interest points and enterprise marketing strategies have gradually narrowed. Many enterprises realize that if they want to create excellent brands, they must strengthen the introduction and construction of image power on the basis of commodity power and marketing power. (to be continued)

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