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Jac heavy industry focuses on quality and continues to provide high-quality forklift products

JAC heavy industry focuses on quality and continues to provide high-quality forklift products

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Guide: all along, JAC forklift has always adhered to the concept that handling experts are derived from automobile quality, the brand strategy of taking quality as the core competitiveness, doing products seriously and doing the market in good faith, which has been highly recognized by the society and consumers. Adhere to the core values that quality is the foundation of survival and development, and take

for a long time, JAC forklift truck has always adhered to the concept of "handling experts come from automobile quality", and the brand strategy of taking quality as the core competitiveness. It has been highly recognized by the society and consumers by conscientiously making products and making the market with integrity. Adhere to the core value of "quality is the foundation of survival and development", take the road of quality and benefit, and base on quality. In the course of development, it has formulated a clear long-term development direction, actively carried out innovation in technology, management, mechanism and other aspects, vigorously promoted advanced management tools and methods, and won awards in scientific research and management

in 2008, the technical center of JAC Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. won the title of "provincial recognized enterprise technology center". At the same time, CPCD30 and cpd16sa3 three fulcrum battery forklift won the annual Solvay in the annual model selection of industrial vehicles. Three materials can be used for permanent implants "the most influential model award" and the annual "export model award"; In 2009, it won the titles of "Anhui provincial enterprise civilized unit" and "Anhui machinery AA level safety and integrity enterprise"; In 2011, it won the title of "provincial industry university research joint demonstration enterprise"; At the same time, J series 3T internal combustion vehicles and 1.5T electric forklifts, which represent the highest technical level of the company, have passed the provincial new product appraisal and have been appraised as the domestic leading level; In 2012, the company was rated as "national enterprise with standardized enterprise management foundation", and won the second "national excellent enterprise management success case Award" and "National Excellent Award for technological innovation achievements in the mechanical industry". 1. When the electronic universal material testing machine is used for tensile test ". With excellent innovative technology, excellent product quality and excellent brand reputation, it won the honorary title of "Anhui famous brand product". In May this year, JAC heavy industry was rated as an "export-oriented enterprise", which fully explains the company's credit situation, production conditions, monitoring ability, quality management system and quality assurance ability

JAC heavy industry has always adhered to the road of strengthening the enterprise with quality and continued to improve the quality level. In 2013, JAC heavy industry focused on the improvement of physical quality indicators, and set up four "quality doors" such as factory entrance door, offline door, warehousing door and market door, with a total of 15 physical indicators as the starting point, including the warehousing qualification rate of purchased parts, the online qualification rate of key parts, the failure rate of key parts, and the random inspection qualification rate of main parts and main items, Let the physical quality control activities run through the whole process from the arrival of purchased parts to the delivery of products. At the same time, JAC heavy industry implemented systematic quality planning, established a quality assurance system covering suppliers, OEMs and dealers, strengthened the construction of quality management team, standardized the system audit, process audit and product audit procedures for midway stop after unloading, improved inspection standards and means, and improved the level of quality management

improving brand image and value and shaping national enterprise image has always been the purpose of JAC heavy industry. Through the improvement of the quality awareness of all employees, the sense of quality, the sense of honor and disgrace of quality and the sense of quality crisis of employees have been strengthened. All of this is the result of the comprehensive action of many factors, but fundamentally, the concept of "quality first" ranks first

behind all the honors is the continuous crazy pursuit of quality and innovation by Jianghuai people, and these efforts will inevitably reap the return of the market. In the case of the slowdown in the forklift market this year, JAC forklift rose strongly, hitting a new record with the growth rate of the leading industry, while the market failure rate fell by 38.3% year-on-year. The good performance in the market is the recognition of customers for the quality of Jianghuai forklift truck. All Jianghuai people will continue to focus on the principle of "quality first" and offer higher quality products as always

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