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Jiang Wenli, the spokesman of the artist, landed on CCTV with her new play

JIANG Wenli, the spokesman of the artist, landed on CCTV with her new play

February 22, 2011

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[information about Chinese paint padrick] Jiang Wenli, the image spokesman of the artist who once moved to the big screen after the golden wedding, Two years later, it came back to the screen with the annual emotional drama "happiness knocks on the door", which was launched in CCTV's prime time on February 20, that is, last Sunday. The play is adapted from the original work stepmother by the famous female writer Yan Geling

"happiness knocks on the door" is based on 2 data that shows that in the 1980s, Jiang Lu, the makeup artist played by Jiang Wenli, was fashionable and avant-garde. She was very rebellious under the conservative social atmosphere at that time. Moreover, until the age of 36, she was still alone. When her relatives and friends were anxious about her marriage, she fell in love with song Yusheng (played by sun Chun) with two mops, and boldly pursued her, It makes everyone look at it...

from February 20, this 30 episode emotional drama will be officially launched on CCTV. Jiang Wenli's emotional drama will never disappoint people. From "hand in hand", "Chinese divorce", "Golden Marriage", and so on, all of them are deeply loved by the audience. I believe this drama will also set off a viewing frenzy

with the broadcast of this play and the appearance of Jiang Wenli, plus the official launch of a 19:31 landscape advertisement of "LianBo weather forecast" on CCTV in Fuzhou since January 1 this year, in the next six months, the brand-new image advertisement of meitushi and Jiang Wenli will be highly dense, and each material mechanics test will be made on CCTV after a long time of research and summary by our Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd, This new "beautiful" combination will be familiar to more and more audiences, and the popularity of the brand of meitushi will be further improved. It will be well known by the public, and it is also worth looking forward to by more people

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