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Jiang Zhichun, quality consultant of Sany group: quality needs integrity

JIANG Zhichun, quality consultant of Sany group: quality needs integrity

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being bold and pragmatic is the first impression Jiang Zhichun gives. The exquisite appearance, just like his requirements for quality, cannot tolerate any carelessness. He seldom talks about his achievements, but he is more willing to point out problems

JIANG Zhichun, who joined Sany in 2004, is the quality consultant of Sany. In 10 years, he poured his professional knowledge and experience into Sany quality cause, and witnessed the development of Sany quality system from scratch

Jiang Zhichun believes that only total quality management can achieve sustainable development. Total quality management emphasizes the participation of all staff, from company leaders to grass-roots employees. Small excavation company is a good example. There are two important reasons why the company can become the benchmark of quality construction of Sany group: one is the attention of leaders, and the other is the participation of all staff. The pull of the leadership leading the way and the help of the joint promotion of all employees are combined into one, so that the quality problems can be fed back at the first time and effectively solved

the shortage of high-end talents in quality management and the unreasonable talent structure are issues of special concern to Jiang Zhichun. He said that enterprises should pay attention to cultural integration in introducing external, especially transnational quality talents. In the independent training of talents, we must not be eager for quick success and instant benefits, but must be down-to-earth and step by step. He believes that quality managers should be calm to learn, and quality culture and experience should be continuously accumulated and inherited. Before becoming a quality expert, Jiang Zhichun worked in welding, assembly, process, design and even warehouse management, which gave him an overall understanding of the whole process of quality management

whether for senior leaders or quality managers, Jiang Zhichun hopes that they can "go down and have a look" in a low-key way, because only by going deep into the production line can they really find and solve problems. The surprise inspection once every half a month is a routine work of Jiang Zhichun. In July 2014, Jiang Zhichun made a surprise inspection on a host company, and he caught the three evil problems of "dirt, rust and injury" on the scene. After some criticism, the company quickly carried out special rectification and passed the final acceptance

in terms of quality, it has developed from aluminum castings step by step to injection molded parts made of strong nylon materials that meet the above requirements. The leaders and employees of the division are result oriented rather than process oriented, which often leads to "repeated mistakes" and unstable product quality. In addition, the quality awareness of employees is weak, and the dishonesty of quality still exists. On the wall of Jiang Zhichun's office, there are several conspicuous characters "integrity, integrity and courage". For new employees, Jiang Zhichun must first tell the story of quality and integrity. He also said that at present, the group is implementing the "Interconnection Strategy", and there is a lot of room for use in quality management, which is also the direction of the company's next step

there is no detailed discussion on specific quality management ideas and management methods, but more emphasis on "people-oriented" and continuous emphasis on "pragmatic". Jiang Zhichun said that with the goal of quality management, the system and standards, only when everyone makes continuous efforts in this direction can we finally achieve the enterprise goal of "quality changes the world"

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