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Jiangsu Baoying glass crystal industry agglomeration promotes the development of logistics

not long ago, its manufacturing method was to mix porous media with phase change materials in molten state. From BAOYING road crossing of Beijing Shanghai Expressway all the way west, Yifeng international trade port, Baosheng logistics park and Baoying Lake grain logistics Center have successively issued a number of regulations related to phthalate plasticizers, and logistics bases have successively jumped into the spotlight, A new comprehensive logistics center is rising here

BAOYING has always been a golden channel for land and water transportation. The Beijing Hangzhou Grand Canal and Beijing Shanghai Expressway run north and south, and the huaijiang River Highway and Yanjin highway run through the territory. Unfortunately, the role of this golden channel in the past was only to provide convenience for passing vehicles and ships, but it had little impact on the development of Baoying. However, today's BAOYING is completely different. In Baoying Lake grain logistics center, we can see that 20 standardized warehouses and the drying equipment system for processing 600 tons of rice and wheat per day have been put into use, and vehicles have entered and left frequently. It is estimated that after the completion of the logistics center, it can not only form a storage capacity of 110000 tons, greatly alleviate the shortage of storage capacity in the grain producing areas of the Yangtze River Delta, but also form a grain trading scale of 150000 tons per year, becoming the largest grain logistics center in Central Jiangsu

the formation of this logistics center benefits from the rise of Baoying organic agriculture industry. BAOYING was originally a large agricultural county. In recent years, 12 organic industrial parks and 36 organic food bases have been successively built, covering an area of nearly 100000 mu. The high concentration of one industry in one region will inevitably put forward higher requirements for local logistics efficiency. The rich trading, processing, testing, R & D and storage functions of the grain logistics center will provide "accelerating" power for more agricultural products to enter the market

similarly, BAOYING glass crystal technology gb/t16491 ⑴ 996 product industry has developed rapidly in recent years, with a scale of more than 1billion yuan. Because of the promising industrial prospects, Yifeng international trade port, which aims to build China's Glass Crystal City, has settled in baoying. Although the construction of the first phase of the trade zone has only been completed, more than 1500 operators have come to make an appointment to register. Baosheng Group has invested in the construction of Baosheng logistics center by relying on its leading electrical cable industry in China. At present, it has built a 7000 square meter parking lot, with REGGIANI confirming that there are 200 transportation vehicles of all kinds. After the completion of the project, the annual transportation volume is expected to exceed 1million tons

The governor of Baoying County said that BAOYING should strive to become the largest logistics hub node in Central Jiangsu within three to five years. With the planning and construction of Huaiyang railway, anda highway, provincial highway 237 Lincheng section, Grand Canal water expressway, and Suzhong airport, the comprehensive logistics potential of the county will be further stimulated

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