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Loyal guardian of medical architecture: garberry inorganic coating

loyal guardian of medical architecture: garberry inorganic coating

February 17, 2020

for human society that has entered a stable period after wars, disasters and diseases, the significance of modern hospitals has become extremely important. The function of a hospital is not only to treat injuries, but also to ensure health and human asylum

because of the importance of hospitals, architects restored the fastest "home" coating in the physical sense with the power of design. When a disaster comes, the design of medical buildings will quickly evolve into a powerful force coexisting with disaster relief projects

hospital buildings are different from general buildings and are called special buildings. This particularity comes from the professionalism, diversity and complexity of the "medical system". Medical architecture needs to combine the professional knowledge of complex medical system with the professional knowledge of architecture, which can adapt to the changing medical system, predict the medical needs, and adapt to the current and future needs

medical building design with both function and aesthetics

medical building has high requirements for aesthetics, which requires architectural designers to pay attention to society, culture, history, environment, ecology and other aspects, so as to create a medical building truly suitable for patients and medical staff, create a comfortable, positive and effective medical space for patients, and provide a physically and mentally pleasing working environment for doctors

in order to achieve the purpose of better treating patients, the medical building design needs to fully consider the physiological and psychological needs of patients, listen to and absorb the opinions of doctors and the research results of psychologists, and carefully consider every detail in order to compare the performance of different materials

under the current severe epidemic, the progressiveness of medical buildings is of great significance for human disease control. The facade effect of the medical building directly affects the overall external shape of the hospital, and also affects the trust of patients and their families in the hospital as a whole

people's functional and aesthetic needs need to be considered in the design of the overall environment, individual buildings and medical buildings. And the exterior wall of the building is an important facade, which can not be ignored

hospitals protect human beings, and inorganic coatings protect hospitals

as a provider of the U.S. case of the whole system architectural coating solution, garberry paint has been paying attention to the improvement of human living environment and the realization of the vision of a better life, and has accompanied real estate partners to jointly develop new product portfolio models and coating solutions

in the field of medical real estate, aiming at the monotony, elimination, safety and environmental protection of the medical environment, garberry Dajian coating organically combines color, environmental protection and function, and integrates a set of recommended overall coating solutions suitable for the medical system from the perspective of product functionality and color effect, which will provide a humanized, healthy, efficient, high-quality and green medical environment for the majority of patients

inorganic coatings, from the perspective of beautiful decoration, green energy conservation, environmental protection, harmlessness, safety and durability, introduce inorganic coatings that bring a full life cycle to buildings, achieve the effects of fast construction, easy renovation, low energy consumption, many effects and high quality, and provide an integrated solution for medical buildings

garberry full effect inorganic exterior wall paint is a loyal architectural guard. This product is refined from liquid inorganic silicate. The inorganic silicate components can penetrate into the pores in the cement substrate through Petrochemical action, and the preparation of polyurethane building insulation material standards is completed. It forms an insoluble calcium silicate inorganic hard coating with the concrete surface. The coating has excellent weather resistance, air permeability, waterproof and mildew resistance. As the leader of the functional series of garberry engineering paint, Full effect inorganic exterior wall paint, with stable performance and weather resistance, provides lasting protection for buildings

inorganic coatings are applicable to large-scale boutique projects, hardbound housing projects, villa projects, government projects and other projects. For hospital buildings with higher standards in terms of cleanliness and hygiene, garberry full effect inorganic exterior wall paint can effectively inhibit and kill common bacteria and molds such as Staphylococcus, Escherichia coli and Aspergillus niger on the wall, ensure the hygiene and health of indoor space, and reduce the spread of disease

in addition, the stable color retention, breathability and alkali resistance make the inorganic wall healthier, and the protective effect on people with allergic constitution is more obvious

compared with organic paint, it "understands" environmental protection

garberry full effect inorganic wall paint, combined with inorganic primer, can bring perfect protection to the building surface. Under the hard surface, there are low-carbon and environmental protection characteristics. Compared with some organic coating base materials, the production and use of inorganic coating base materials have less environmental pollution. Most products take water as the dispersion medium, without adverse effects on environment and health

inorganic in the extruder of this future concept, the base material of the coating is often directly derived from nature, and the source is very rich. Moreover, the aging resistance and some physical and chemical properties are difficult to achieve for most organic coatings with the same production cost, so it also has good technical and economic performance

composition of inorganic coating

alkaline inorganic coating is more suitable for application on the base course of cement and lime sand, which are also alkaline. It can react with lime in these base materials to form calcium silicate crystals, which can form an integral whole with the base course. It has particularly good adhesion. It is not only a building guard, but also a guard of environmental protection

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