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Talking about Carlo Gavazzi company, many people may not be very familiar with it. But in fact, since its establishment in 1931, this European company has been famous in Europe and America for more than 80 years for its solid, steady and comprehensive development style. It provides innovative and high-end automation products and technical support all over the world, and entered the Chinese market in 2005, gradually gaining high recognition and praise from Chinese automation users

Jiale used to be quite low-key, and outsiders don't know much. Taking the opportunity of the 16th Shenzhen South China Automation Exhibition, China industrial control approached Jiale company and interviewed Mr. Fu Jie, general manager of Jiale Trading (China) Co., Ltd. to have an in-depth understanding of some situations of this automation enterprise that must avoid overheating of automotive batteries

customer oriented

Fu Jie introduced that Jiale originated in Italy and can be divided into two business segments: industrial automation and building automation. Among them, industrial automation business is headquartered in Italy and building automation business is headquartered in Switzerland. In 1984, Jiale was successfully listed in Switzerland. Jiale has five product lines: sensors, low-voltage electrical appliances, monitoring and safety, fieldbus and new energy products, which have been well applied in electronic semiconductors, elevators, injection molding machines, food and beverage, ships, HVAC and air conditioning industries, and have been highly recognized by customers

we have R & D centers in Italy, Denmark, Malta, Lithuania and China, and production bases in Italy, Malta, Lithuania and China. Fu Jie said that Jiale is a customer-oriented company, and many products are customized based on customers' specific industry applications. At present, our customized products and general-purpose products account for about half each

Fu Jie, general manager of Jiale Trading (China) Co., Ltd.

Jiale's customized products have brought great benefits to customers in many specific industries and enjoy a high reputation. For example, the soft starter specially customized and developed by Jiale for spiral air compressors in the HVAC industry occupies an absolute leading edge. Our positioning is very clear, and we only do specific fields, which ensures our R & D advantages and product quality advantages. Fu Jie said that our strategy is to focus on certain industries and products to bring profits to customers and benefits to us at the same time

being customer-oriented means that Jiale can provide more and better cost-effective products for Chinese customers. Jiale takes the high-end market route in the European market, but in China, our product quality is medium and high-end, but the price is more competitive. After all, we have a production plant in Kunshan, China. And in the future, we will introduce more and better R & D and products to China to provide Chinese customers with more cost-effective products

After more than 7 years of dormancy and silent cultivation in the Chinese market, this year will be a year of great accumulation and transformation for Jiale

first, Jiale will begin to enter the stage of brand building. For a long time, we have high popularity and market share in many industries, such as elevators, electronic semiconductors, food and beverage, but in more other industries, we have no popularity at all. Now, we intend to change that. Fu Jie admitted that we found that if there is no brand awareness in China, it is not good for our development to facilitate oil cooling. With the financial support of the company's headquarters, Jiale will change its previous low-key this year, launch brand publicity, and set up a special marketing department to hold a series of market activities to further expand market popularity and let more industries and people know Jiale's high-quality products

cutting into new regions and industries is another major measure of Jiale this year. Jiale China's current revenue is about 70 million yuan. Our plan is to reach 150million yuan in three years, and achieve the goal of doubling in three years. Fu Jie said that after more than seven years of training in the Chinese market, our team is fully capable of achieving this goal. Therefore, it is very necessary to explore new fields and industries

of course, to achieve this goal, Jiale starts with rough throwing, and there is still a lot of work to be done. Specifically, Fu Jie said that based on its existing branches in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Qingdao and Chengdu, Jiale will establish a Shenyang branch this year to improve its regional distribution. Secondly, expand new industries in existing areas. In the future, we will vigorously expand and deepen these industries in automatic access control system, parking system, renewable energy, power system, animal husbandry, smart home and other industries

the direct selling mode that Jiale has been adhering to before will also change this year. This year, we will look for some powerful dealers to cooperate with us. At present, we have found four to five and will sign a cooperation agreement with them in August this year. Fu Jie said that distributors will be mainly responsible for the development of new customers. In the future, Fu Jie hopes that the sales proportion of direct sales and distribution of Jiale will account for half of the total sales company's amount recognized by the State Intellectual Property Office as the second batch of national enterprise intellectual property demonstration units in 2010, which is relatively stable and ideal

in addition, Jiale's headquarters will also provide full support for the vigorous expansion of Jiale China. Fu Jie said: in the current global economic environment, the performance doubled in three years can only be achieved in the Chinese market, so the headquarters attaches great importance to the Chinese market. In addition to financial support and adequate inventory preparation for Chinese customers, product managers and technical experts from Jiale headquarters and Singapore come to China almost every month for training and visiting Chinese customers to get close to customers and understand their needs

being an energy management expert

opening up a blue ocean market in the automation industry is a business philosophy of Jiale. According to Fu Jie, the emerging energy management market is undoubtedly a blue ocean market. Jiale's goal is to turn from a component supplier to an energy management expert

I think the energy management market will be our top priority in the future. Energy management is a very important part of all equipment factories in China in the future. At the same time, energy conservation and consumption reduction are also the focus of the government. Fu Jie believes that it is a good time to enter the field of energy management at the current stage. If the market develops in 3 to 5 years, I believe it is already a red sea market, and the price competition is very fierce

Jiale has a certain customer base in the energy management market. Jiale's energy management products and solutions have been widely used in high energy consumption fields such as electronic semiconductors, lasers, and steel. Our energy analyzers, power analyzers, multi-function instruments, etc. will be introduced to our existing customers to help them determine the trend of energy consumption and take corrective measures

Fu Jie revealed that for energy management, Jiale currently mainly helps customers save energy by selling equipment and systems, but in the future, cooperating with third-party partners to integrate Jiale's products into its energy management system, and even developing to directly sign energy management contracts with energy consuming customers, provide equipment and solutions, and share the saved energy costs with customers are the development direction Jiale is considering

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