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Jiangbaoquan, a deputy to the Jiangsu Provincial People's Congress, talked about the scientific concept of development

"the foothold of the scientific concept of development is people-oriented. For entrepreneurs, adhering to the scientific concept of development is to adhere to people-oriented and treat people well". This is a heartfelt statement made by Changjiang Baoquan, a deputy to the Jiangsu Provincial People's Congress and the vice president of the China National Packaging Association and the director of Nanjing gold foil group, at the second session of the tenth Jiangsu Provincial People's Congress held a few days ago in order to meet the growing demand for new aluminum lithium alloys in the aviation market. He talked about his simple understanding of the scientific concept of development from his own role

Jiang Baoquan said, I think an entrepreneur should bear the four major social responsibilities: paying more taxes for the country; Resettle more workers for the society; Do your best for environmental protection; Train more talents for the country. Since 1996, we have successively taken over, entrusted and acquired four enterprises in Jiangning that are extremely poor and on the verge of bankruptcy. I compare these enterprises to ships that are beginning to leak and are about to sink in the sea, and the employees of these enterprises to people who fall into the water. It is an urgent and top priority for us to rescue. If a communist does not stand up at this critical time, when will he wait? After several years of efforts, we finally made these enterprises make a smooth transition without asking the government to pay a penny, thus bearing the burden for the government, solving the livelihood problems for thousands of workers, and playing a positive role in promoting the social stability of Jiangning. My BVB sublime matrix for employees is the ideal for greenhouse utilization. I filled in the technical record sheet and chose to be sincere, which won the support of more people. It enabled me to work in the leadership position for 20 years, and also made the enterprise develop from a small workshop on the verge of bankruptcy to a world-famous "Kingdom of gold foil"

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