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Jiang Wanlu, a worker of Wazhou group, has sharpened his sword for only "holes"

Jiang Wanlu, a worker of Wazhou group, has sharpened his sword for only "holes"

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Guide: drilling holes in rotary table bearings is a simple job for many people, but this hole has become one of the keys that can not be ignored that affect the quality of bearings. In the Wazhou group, a person has created a unique hole processing technology and method after decades of efforts, repeatedly breaking through processing difficulties, which

many people think it is a simple job to drill holes in the bearing of the rotary table, but this hole has become one of the keys that can not be ignored to affect the quality of the bearing. In Wazhou group, there is a person who, after decades of efforts, has repeatedly broken through processing difficulties and created a unique hole processing technology and method. This person is Jiang Wanlu, a person with unique toughness and willing to use his brain. This year, Jiang Wanlu also won the Dalian "May Day Medal"

explore the hole processing technology to fill the domestic blank of permanent elongation reaching a certain specified value

Jiang Wanlu, who entered the factory in 1983, came to the sixth finished product branch of Wazhou to work as a lathe worker. He is willing to learn and willing to work hard. The master's words and operation methods are not only recorded in his mind, but also deeply engraved in his heart. Sometimes, in order to understand a problem, he can't sleep at night, looking for information and thinking constantly until it is clear. With the combination of theory and practice, Jiang Wanlu paid more sweat and cost than others, and soon developed excellent turning skills and became an outstanding person

as the enterprise accelerates the pace of technological transformation and transformation and upgrading, the bearing group has established a precision rotary table bearing company. Jiang Wanlu, who has outstanding performance, was transferred to the new company and became the leader of the hole processing process. Facing the new job, Jiang Wanlu not only didn't feel pressure, but thought that the opportunity to show his talents came. When a large domestic heavy industry enterprise develops wind power business, the produced fans can only rely on imported bearings, which are expensive and not timely. Wazhou group spared no effort to organize research and accelerate the research and development of rotary table bearings for fans. Each set of rotary table bearings usually needs to drill dozens or even hundreds of holes. If one of the holes deviates slightly, the product will become a scrap

therefore, the hole process has become one of the key processes, especially for mass production. It is more important to ensure that all holes must be unified. There is no processing precedent in China. The company entrusted the key task to Jiang Wanlu. The hot potato in others' eyes filled Jiang Wanlu with confidence. Starting from the initial processing process, he worked with the engineering and technical personnel of the company to jointly study. For more than two months, day and night, he cleverly selected cutting tools, formulated reasonable processing parameters, and conducted experiments hundreds of times. Finally, he successfully explored a mature hole processing process, filled the domestic gap, and met the requirements of users and product design

continuous innovation to avoid millions of losses for customers

"modern workers should not only master the operation technology, but also be good at innovation and use their brains." Jiang Wanlu said so and did so. In order to master the drilling technology, Jiang Wanlu took the opportunity of on-site service for users many times to measure the types of experimental machines. There are many kinds of bearing drilling data, master valuable information, and return to his residence at night to carefully sort out a thick experience, which can be used as a reference for future work. He used the accumulated experience to change the traditional processing methods, improve the processing accuracy and reduce the production cost. At the same time, he also worked with engineering and technical personnel to improve the hole processing equipment, and developed 11 projects, including the free-form variable diameter rotary table, the localization project of tap and the original new method of deep hole processing, which created millions of economic benefits for the enterprise

once, two large wind power enterprises had problems in the field installation of wind turbines, and they asked the bearing shaft to send someone to help solve them. Since the location of the problem is 100 meters above the ground, the operable space is very narrow. At that time, most experts believed that the main engine must be dismantled and hoisted to the ground for treatment. The installation environment of the fan is poor, and it costs 600000 yuan each time to use a large elevator for unloading. Jiang Wanlu rushed to the scene, designed and made special tools after the on-site investigation, and climbed into the air in a squat position, "said Nicolas beyl, general manager of Claus mafi group reaction molding technology department, who worked continuously for more than 4 hours, reducing huge losses to customers. Excellent skills make customers praise repeatedly. These two after-sales services have avoided the loss of 1.2 million yuan for users

as the leader of the hole processing process, Jiang Wanlu always has the word "". Hole processing, a little careless negligence, there will be a complete set of bearings scrapped. Apprentice Xie Yongjun told, "the master is our 'benchmark'. His rigorous and persistent working attitude affects us all the time. We also don't relax ourselves and concentrate on the work in hand all the time." At present, Jiang Wanlu has led more than 60 apprentices, all of whom can skillfully operate the equipment of this process, and some apprentices have also become model workers of the company

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