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Creo contributed to China's printing education.

in early October, the digital workflow Laboratory of the school of publishing and printing, Shanghai University of technology, funded by Creo, was established, adding color to the school of publishing and printing, which had just been established when the power and reset keys had to be pressed. This is also another measure taken by Cleo to help China's printing education

Mr. Xia Liwen, President of Clio Asia Pacific, believes that the printing technology has experienced earth shaking changes in the past two decades, especially the rapid development of prepress technology. Due to the shortage of funds, printing education institutions in China are generally facing the problem of backward equipment and technology. As a company that attaches importance to technology and innovation, Cleo understands the importance of education to technological progress and hopes to improve the teaching environment and accelerate the development of prepress education and the digitization of printing industry in China. And we hope that more customers will adopt digital workflow and direct plate making technology in the near future

this time, Cleo donated one of the most advanced workflow management systems in the world - yinnengjie workflow for the school of publishing and printing of Shanghai University of technology, and helped the school set up a digital workflow laboratory to promote the school's teaching in the field of digital printing and publishing. Yinnengjie workflow management system can meet the widest range of production needs, from short version fast moving parts to large-scale printing operations issued worldwide. As a complete workflow management system with first-class scheduling, verification, calibration and technical services, yinnengjie adopts the most advanced technology and open industrial standards such as PDF and JDF, which makes the production organization of prepress, printing plate and film achieve unprecedented coordination. In addition to the bulletproof plug-in board on the bulletproof jacket, Cleo will launch the Chinese version of yinnengjie for the first time at the All India exhibition held in October this year

the school of publishing and printing of Shanghai University of technology, whose predecessor was Shanghai Publishing and Printing College, was officially established in July this year. It is the first school in New China to engage in special education in printing technology. In the past 50 years, it has cultivated a large number of excellent professional and technical talents in printing industry, which plays an important role in the printing education industry

previously, Creo signed an understanding contract with Beijing Institute of printing to establish Creo CTP technology center in Beijing Institute of printing, and Creo provided the center with a complete prepress system from scanning, workflow, proofing to CTP output. This system for teaching and demonstration is currently being installed and debugged, and is expected to be put into use by the end of the year

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