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Revealing China's hot market, the upcoming high tech fair Electronics Exhibition

from the driving force of 2009 from China, to the transformation with China in 2010, and then to this year with elexcon, grasp China's next hot market, China's hottest electronic components, materials and assemblies exhibition, the change of the theme of high tech fair Electronics Exhibition in recent years, which well reveals the continuous concentration of the global electronic industry in China The trend of moving forward with China; From the various hot technologies and schemes exhibited in the exhibition, we can also see the continuous changes of the hot market in the electronic industry

on October 18, the conference of elexcon2011, the inaccurate positioning of the 13th high tech achievements Fair Electronic Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as the high tech Fair Electronic Exhibition), was held in Shenzhen. According to the organizer of the creative era exhibition, this high tech fair electronic exhibition will work with elexcon to grasp China's next hot market! As the theme, nearly 300 exhibitors will focus on displaying various new components, materials and equipment, as well as the application of their products and technologies in smart terminals, IOT, cloud computing, energy conservation and environmental protection and other hot markets. Among them, nearly 150 overseas exhibitors, including Roma semiconductor, TDK, Murata production office, SunPower, Panasonic electric, nikikon, Omron, Jimei, and Nitto electric, have an exhibition area of more than 60% of the total area

as of 17:00 on October 17, nearly 30000 professional visitors have registered. It is expected that more than 80000 professional visitors from the electronics industry will participate in the six-day exhibition period. Free ticket applications for professional visitors are still in progress. Friends in the electronics industry can log in to the official to apply

leading component enterprises made a collective appearance, and new technologies emerged in endlessly.

it is reported that the electronic exhibition of this high tech fair was snapped up a few months before it was held. Leading enterprises in the global electronic component industry, such as Roma semiconductor, TDK, Murata, taiyangyudian, Jimei, nijikang, Panasonic electric, as well as domestic electronic component industry leaders such as shunluo electronics, Yuyang technology, chenju electronics, Junyao electronics, will make a joint appearance, Comprehensively display their latest products and technologies

the new technologies to be unveiled at the electronics exhibition of this high tech fair include: various high-performance miniaturized components, new sensors, sensor matrix, MEMS, MCU, transparent display, flexible display, naked eye 3D, gesture control technology. The display form will also be more ornamental and interesting. The world's top electronic components, materials and equipment manufacturers will fully release the charm of high-tech through more new technology application cases, such as cute robots that can ride unicycles, many cloud computing, IOT practical application solutions, etc

more materials and equipment display to promote productivity improvement

in addition to a strong lineup of electronic components, the display of electronic materials and production and assembly equipment will also be equally wonderful. Taking display materials as an example, the trend of large screen, thin thickness, high brightness and refinement inevitably requires thinner, narrower and smaller gap materials. At the electronic exhibition of the high tech fair, Nitto electric, Yuanxiang technology and Meixin Electronics will bring all kinds of related products and technologies such as display materials, heat dissipation materials, adhesive materials, anti-static materials, foam, solder, packaging materials, etc. for example, Nitto Electric's substrate free transparent double-sided adhesive film has a micron thickness and a light penetration rate of more than 92%, which can help terminal enterprises to simply improve the display brightness

in terms of equipment, the display of industrial robots, robots, industrial computers, dispensing equipment, SMT, harness processing, instruments and meters and other products will also be more popular. Earlier, Foxconn, the main contract manufacturer of Apple products, just announced that it would introduce 1million robots to replace some labor in three years, so as to reduce the growing labor cost and improve efficiency. Driven by the demonstration of the contract manufacturing giant, the popularity of automated production lines will further accelerate. Relevant equipment manufacturers also hope to use the efficient platform of the high tech fair to let more manufacturing enterprises contact Understand the latest manufacturing processes and equipment, and introduce them to improve their productivity

high end forum reveals the development direction of the industry

in addition to the wonderful display, the electronic exhibition of the high tech Fair will continue to hold a series of high-quality and forward-looking high-end forums, which will convene dozens of senior analysts, technology experts and limit switches. The effect is to actively interrupt the elite of the mobile industry with the prefix of 10 when it moves beyond the normal position, and offer advice and suggestions for the development of the electronic industry. In particular, the elexcon Market Conference and the elexcon master lecture hall are more interesting. Jin Wenheng, head of Asian technology industry research at Goldman Sachs securities, Guo Xin, President of IDC Greater China, Zhao Gang, deputy director of the new energy international science and Technology Cooperation Office of the Ministry of science and technology and the National Development and Reform Commission Wang Yang, research director of IHS iSuppli China, and other heavyweight guests will be on the stage at the large market. They studied the strength of nanocomposites that use these models to pull adjacent layers in the opposite direction, and discussed the revolutionary changes that hot technologies such as intelligent terminals, IOT, cloud computing, and intelligent energy will bring to the industry. In the two master lectures, the professor of the Department of mechanical engineering of the Hong Kong University of science and technology and the director of the advanced micro system packaging center will give an in-depth explanation of high-power LED packaging technology; He Xiaoqing, Deputy Secretary General of embedded system branch of China Software Industry Association, will introduce how to start a technology entrepreneurship, and discuss how talents with technical background start a business, entrepreneurship and enterprise development, entrepreneurship management, etc

in terms of Technology Forum, the third MCU technology innovation and Embedded Application Conference MCU! MCU! 2011 will focus on technologies that make production, service and life smarter, and add smart home, IPC and motor control sub forums; The 6th International Forum on passive component technology and market development pcf2011 will focus on leading component solutions in smart homes and smart terminals, green environmental protection and miniaturized component technology, and add a sub Forum on electromagnetic compatibility and circuit protection according to the needs of engineering and technical personnel in the industry; The 8th China Manufacturing Technology Forum cmmf2011 will focus on Intelligent Design for Manufacturability/design for testability, manufacturing system under brand strategy, etc

Murata urchin and Murata Wantong will appear again

Murata production office, which participated in the press conference together, said that at elexcon2011, they will take the leading electronic technology and leading smart life as the display theme, and display the input devices, high-frequency devices and capacitor products that are most suitable for the new generation of smart and tablet computers; Ev/hev and other high reliability electronic components to improve vehicle safety performance; And various sensors and communication module products. Through the product demonstration, the audience can appreciate the charm of smart life and IOT world. At the 6th International passive component technology and market development forum held at the same time, two topics, providing leading electronic component solutions for smart homes and Murata's EMC solutions to improve reception sensitivity, will be delivered, in addition to affecting jaw dissent. The cute robots Murata urchin and Murata Wantong, who are warmly sought after by Chinese audiences, will also appear again to show their superb athletic talents

about the electronic exhibition of the high tech fair

elexcon (hereinafter referred to as the electronic exhibition of the high tech Fair) is an important part of the high tech fair, the first exhibition of science and technology in China, which is organized by the creative era. With its professionalism and internationality, it has become a unique professional exhibition of the high tech fair, and is known as the most popular exhibition of electronic components, materials and assembly in China. The exhibition scope of the 13th high tech fair includes electronic components, electronic materials, circuit boards, manufacturing equipment, testing and certification services, etc. At the same time, a series of activities with hot topics such as MCU and embedded, manufacturing, passive components, market conference, led master lecture will be launched

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