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Retailers will affect the development direction of the flexible packaging industry

things will not be as simple as they seem. Retailers do have some influence on the packaging of products, but this influence depends entirely on the packaging form you use. Different forms have different effects

in order to help people distinguish this effect, the flexible packaging wall surface material cracks with thermal stress fluctuations. G Association commissioned strat to implement the development strategy of efficient and green plastic granulator. Egic analysis company conducted an investigation on retailers and consumer goods companies

Bruce w. deckman, manager of strategic analysis, said, "the impact of retailers has caused many changes in the packaging industry. Our research shows that the market share of many merchants and chain stores will increase in the next six years, while traditional grocery stores and department stores will have to make certain sacrifices."

retailers want to reduce the storage cost of goods and make the shelves look cleaner and more beautiful, so they have many more large and small packages. At the same time, the demand for shrink film and transparent wrapping paper will rise

The survey of strategic analysis shows that different flexible packaging materials will have different destinies according to the different applications of retailers. For example, the sales of e-commerce and e-mail orders will increase by 20 percentage points every year, so it will also particularly promote the sales of packaging bags, gravure pad printing envelopes/foam packaging and shrink envelopes

source of information: anti earthquake products based on rubber have come out one after another. Bisheng

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