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Retail IOT: traditional vending machines undertake the development of Intelligent Cloud terminals

IOT technology is subverting many industries, and some changes are quietly happening around us, in places we have never noticed or unexpected. When a vending machine can also become an intelligent terminal, open up online and offline purchase channels, actively interact with users, and even bravely enter the field of e-commerce logistics, we suddenly realize that the era of IOT is really coming

was born in the s of the last century. Vending machines originated in Europe and the United States, but they have achieved unprecedented development in Japan. According to statistics, there are about three million vending machines in Japan, one for every 40 people on average. In contrast, the low labor cost, commercial land and coin circulation restrictions in China have all restricted the development of the vending machine industry in the past decade

when the high rent and the labor cost accurate to 0.1MPa pressed the traditional retail industry out of breath, the metal vending machine industry began to develop rapidly in China. The reason is that no personnel are required to be on duty and 24-hour operation is undoubtedly two important factors. From 2011 to now, in just three years, the number of domestic vending machines has increased rapidly from 10000 to nearly 60000

IOT technology is developing rapidly, including its close integration with mobile Internet, which is subverting many industries. In the retail industry, vending machines are evolving into smart connected terminals, which can open up online and offline purchase channels, realize active interaction with users, and even integrate with e-commerce logistics. Interconnection, intelligence, security, manageability and data analysis are its standard configuration. It is the dream of all retail industry practitioners to continuously tap the real needs of users and provide consumers with intimate and convenient services through secure interconnection, manageable intelligence and data analysis. Now, is there any artifact to realize your dream

Youbao! For a considerable number of people, the name may not be familiar. But if you mention the vending machines that can be seen everywhere in office buildings and subways, you may know what Youbao does. This is the largest vending machine operator in China, which operates more than one-third of the total number of vending machines in China. The "study group" under "people's overseas edition" paid attention to Xi's speech at the above "an important meeting", and deployed a total of more than 20000 vending machines. According to the national market research data carried out by Youbao in 2013, in the past three years, more than 70% of the industry increment came from Youbao, while in the field of joint cargo machines, Youbao accounted for more than 95%

according to foreign experience, when the per capita GDP exceeds 5000 US dollars, the demand for self-service equipment begins to flourish. Now? For first tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, 2. The thickness of the sheet should be more than 5mm (the demand for workpieces less than 5mm in self-service devices has been very obvious. Li Minghao, the founder and President of Youbao company, pointed out that vending machines are a sunrise industry with rapid growth, but more importantly, we have long realized that the advent of wireless Internet will make vending machines become cloud terminals of Intelligent Networks. Now, Youbao is reducing operating costs and expanding more convenient payment methods from the perspective of data management In order to meet the needs of users, promote the reform and development of the industry

in fact, every vending machine built by Youbao has genes of interconnection, intelligence, security, manageability and data analysis. With the advanced IOT concept, Youbao can remotely monitor the operation of each vending machine 24 hours a day, including inventory query, equipment health query, commodity loading and unloading, price adjustment, etc. it can also adjust the promotional advertisements on the touch screen at any time according to the data analysis results, greatly improving the operation efficiency. In terms of use experience, Youbao can provide a richer means of payment and interactive experience. For example, in addition to traditional banknotes and coins, consumers can use Youbao's independently developed apps, Alipay to buy goods, and then pick up goods from vending machines. After completion, they can fight for the probability of obtaining additional prizes through screen games; Vending machines in some regions have also opened NFC based payment tools such as bus IC cards and campus cards. These differences make Youbao popular with young users. At present, nearly 2million users have experienced buying, and the daily orders from mobile terminals have risen to 20%

all this is based on the real-time and efficient data connection between vending machines and servers. From the inception of Youbao project in 2010 to the mass production of models, the stability and compatibility of core industrial control equipment are the most important selection factors. By comparing with the selection of upstream and downstream manufacturers, we finally adopted Intel x86 architecture as the core control component of the vending machine. According to Li Minghao, from technical architecture design, product development, sensor control, data collection and transmission, and even background analysis, the cooperation between Youbao and Intel continues to deepen, and finally realizes the seamless connection from online to offline, bringing high-quality service experience to consumers

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