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At the largest image exhibition in North America, Clio scanning technology shines brightly

pma2003 Las Vegas (March 2, 2003) – Clio company (NASDAQ: Creo; Toronto Stock Exchange: CRE) exhibited a professional quality scanning scheme at pma2003 in Las Vegas in March this year, which made the audience understand that even a small manuscript can become high-quality after being processed by a professional photographer High quality documents that can be used for posters

"Cleo's color scanner is very suitable for professional photo studios. The customers of these studios have very strict requirements. The color of the enlarged image should be loyal to the original, and the details should not be lost." Jonathan Agger, marketing manager of Creo Americas, said, "Magnifying pictures is a common occurrence for the picture studio, and it is not so easy to ensure the quality. Our customers often tell us that the scanning quality of Cleo scanner is very high, and it is suitable for originals of any size. XY seamless scanning technology is even more commendable. Whether 35mm negative film or 8x10 reverse film, the quality is impeccable, and the proofing is very clear. Now our users output every day All of them are top quality and large format images. "

high quality indoor scanning

Cleo showed three professional scanners on site, each of which adopts the latest technology in the market.

iqsmart Zhijia 2 scanner has excellent scanning quality, advanced functions, reliable quality and high production capacity, and is the first choice for customers who are demanding on time. Zhijia 2 also adopts XY seamless scanning technology and flip CCD, which can obtain fine and clear scanning results The scanning effect is far more cost-effective than the scanner with the same price. With Zhijia 2 scanner and oxygenlite scanning software, anyone can easily control the scanning process and produce professional scanning drafts on Apple or PC

the resolution of Zhijia 3 scanner can reach 10000dpi (optical resolution 5500dpi), which is not affected by the original size and is extremely clear. No matter the size of the original document, as long as it can be placed on the scanning table, xystitch scanning technology can ensure a clear and stable scanning document. The overturned CCD can effectively prevent the interference of fine dust and improve the scanning quality. Zhijia 3 has the highest resolution and the largest scanning platform in the whole Zhijia series of products

the current printing market is volatile and competitive. For image studios, speed and high quality have become the only magic weapon to win. Eversmartsuperme Yongjia polar color scanner is tailored for such studios. Its advantages make it more visible when users enlarge pictures and require color loyalty, accounting for about 1/3 of the world. In addition to xystitch scanning technology, Yongjia polar color scanner also has some other innovative technologies, such as CCD dynamic cooling system, which ensures a wider color gamut. In addition, maxdr (maximum dynamic range) can absorb high-quality image data from scanning data and optimize image quality. Oxygen scanning software is a full 16 bit workflow: capture, store, open images with the best quality and so on

professional scanning is close at hand

oxygen scanning software can speed up the scanning speed, improve the image quality, supplemented by intelligent operation. For example, the integration of professional image tools can bring greater economic benefits to the factory. The intelligent sharpness menu can automatically select the appropriate sharpness according to the zoom ratio and the original type. Zhijia 3 can scan 96 35mm originals at one time and 40 in one hour. Soom (one scan, multiple output) workflow can capture the real 16 bit color digital transmission manuscript and store it with the highest resolution, avoiding the pain of repeated scanning. Users can choose a variety of workflow (such as CMYK, RGB, and 16 bit soom), to achieve operation, there are also many output devices. Intuitive and easy to understand presets enable novices to scan with first-class quality, and users can also set their own lighting scanning types and parameters that only show 2/3 of the field of view of the objective lens

leading scanning workflow

at the PMA exhibition, Cleo also showed the latest version of oxygen scanning software. The 2.2 version of the software has some new functions, such as batch scanning, which can effectively improve production capacity and support Apple OSX system. Oxygen now has the scanning software of the windows operating system, together with the cost-effective Zhijia 2 scanner

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