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Creative design of English alphabet graphics

the origin of words has a long history, and words reflect the trajectory of human evolution. Early characters are almost pictographs, which include the most primitive symbols in the East and West in ancient times. Taking the East as an example, the first is pictorial writing, which has further developed into oracle bone inscriptions of the Shang Dynasty and gold inscriptions of the Zhou Dynasty. The Western characters that appeared at the same time as oracle bone inscriptions are "cuneiform characters", which were created by Sumerians in southern Mesopotamia. They get this name because of the wedge of pen portraits. They are mainly popular in Babylon, Assyria, Persia and other places in Cuba. Characters not only convey information through combination, but also have specific meanings in their font. Most of these meanings continue the ancient graphic meaning. The eastern characters are more complex, which inherited more early pictographic patterns; The Western writing is as straightforward and simple as the western culture. English alphabet font is more an abstract shape, which has no complex meaning of Oriental characters, but it shows the simple and abstract way of thinking of early human beings. All font shapes come from the basic shapes of nature. For example, the letter "a" is a general type of scaffold tool, which obviously comes from human early labor; The letter "s" is the shape of reptiles such as earthworms or snakes; Moreover, the letter "O" is also the shape of natural objects, which convey the life, labor and social ideology of the early primitive society. The advancement of history has not only led to the deformation of words, but also brought an alternative role of words - Creative fonts. This is in the late industrial revolution, because the development of productive forces, the original art system has been refined and deformed. During this period, design art came into being, and its pioneer was Bauhaus Art in Germany. They break the tradition and strive for innovation. The first thing they should do is to innovate the combination of words and the shape of words. They exaggerate, overlap and contrast the letters of simple shapes, so that they are given new meanings and have strong visual impact, so as to achieve the purpose of commercial sales. From the industrial revolution to the present, the design art system has been continuously developed and improved. Due to the increasingly frequent commercial activities, design art has become a discipline that keeps pace with pure art, and font design is an indispensable part of it. At the same time, the development of international business has made simple English letters a popular fashion, so how to design it? In this regard, I take an example designed and used by myself as an example to briefly explain the graphic design of English letters

1 concept and purpose of English letter design

what is font design? This concept is called "writing" in the West. The interpretation of this word is slightly different, and it is generally translated as "writing" in China. This translation method itself will bring some misunderstandings, which will make readers think that it is the problem of "how to write", which often distorts the meaning of design. According to the book "business terms", its explanation is: the modeling design, writing, performance behavior or technology of various characters, as well as the feelings of the characters. At present, the interpretation of "writing" in the design community is mostly "text font creation", "text modeling", "text design" and other contents, and there is no unified terminology. In short, font design is to make the original font variant, so that it produces a new shape, through such deformation, the original rigid text produces a strong emotional color, and let this emotion infect consumers, so as to achieve the purpose of sales

English letters are represented by Latin characters, which are the vocal symbols of Latin people. They first lived on the Italian peninsula. Later, Latin people and Sabine people jointly established the city of Rome. With the increasing strength and expansion of the Roman Empire, Latin letters spread all over southwest Europe. Due to political colonial rule, religious commonality, and the advantages of letter formation, Latin characters were accepted by the West. Due to the convenience of design, there are thousands of fonts used and popular all over the world. However, looking at the design of various Latin variants, the sources of their development and changes can be cut into four western traditional fonts: Roman, Gothic, cursive and sans serif. Roman classic is elegant, solemn, simple, serious and rational, which is different from the song style of Chinese characters. Goethe style is a Latin font rising in Germany during the Renaissance. Its shape is very unique, like dancing ribbons, but it does not lose its solemn side, and there is no lack of dignity in elegance; Cursive script was formed in France and Italy in the 16th century, emphasizing the speed of writing and the ups and downs of the pen. Due to the fast writing speed, the font showed a certain dynamic slope; Sans serif was formed later than the above three fonts. It appeared almost at the same time as the square serif (Egyptian) in the 18th and 19th centuries. The British call it black, and the Chinese character black was born under the influence of its low experimental speed. There is no decorative line in the non decorative line body, and the strokes are mainly skeleton structure, which is concise, bright, visual effect is strong, and has a sense of the times

the following works are designed for a modern electronic product enterprise. They take high-tech products as the main sales content, so the design ideas focus on science and technology. At the same time, there should be no lack of modern atmosphere and be different. According to the characteristics and requirements of the company, first carry out market research and enterprise internal investigation. Through market research, we found that more than 80% of electrical products choose blue to express the meaning of science and technology, and most of them are deformed with Chinese characters or English characters. In addition, there are mascots as signs, such as Haier Electrical appliances; The Chinese government, which also uses the product appearance as a mark, referred to the European Union en13501 (1) standard in 2006. For example, Founder computer uses the disk appearance as a mark. At the same time, the company is mainly composed of high-tech computer designers. It is a typical technology company with relatively young employees. In view of this situation, two sets of logo design, three sets of business card design, multiple sets of hall screen design and related poster design are proposed. In this regard, logo design is the main object of discussion

design scheme 1: as shown in Figure 1. The scheme adopts blue, red and black. Blue takes the meaning of technology and wisdom, indicating the main operation direction and theme of the company: in order to avoid the melancholy brought by blue, red is also adopted, a passionate and active color, which not only symbolizes a kind of youthful vitality, but also indicates the work passion of employees; In addition, black is a stable and noble color, indicating that the development of the company has a long way to go. Take the English letter HYF as the design prototype. HYF is the beginning letter of the company's Chinese phonetic alphabet henyifeng, with the words heyfeng in black bold (the original English words of the company are unchanged as required) and the words "hengyifeng economic and Trade Co., Ltd." in white on black background. The whole piston 5 moves upward to compress the sample 7 When the oil is injected into the lower chamber of cylinder 4, the mark is a mixture of three letters HYF, and a certain amount of font linear changes are adopted to enhance the sense of motion, rhythm and the speed of light of science and technology. While preventing and controlling air pollution, the design of scheme I is dynamic, novel and has a distinctive sense of modernity. The design purpose is to make consumers feel the vitality and Modernity of the enterprise at a glance

design scheme 2: as shown in Figure 2. The scheme also adopts blue, red and black. Similarly, blue takes the sense of technology; Red takes the meaning of activity and passion; And black makes a bottom, as the foil of the big blue HYF, which plays the role of highlighting the big letters. At the same time, it also has a three-dimensional effect of - setting, and takes the triangle on the top of the letter Y as the cutting angle to make a red wing similar to flying, which is a symbol of passion and power. In addition, it is marked with Chinese characters with white characters on a black background, so the treatment method of contrast with black and white enhances the credibility of the company in management. Unified and eye-catching. The whole design takes solemnity and robustness as the design purpose, and gives the theme meaning with different colors. At the same time, the heavy large letters also give consumers honest and credible feelings. Make the whole design tradition without lack of modernity

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