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Return to work! CCCC West Construction Changyu project broke ground in 2019

resumption! CCCC West Road Construction Changyu project broke ground in 2019

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"Da Da Da" accompanied by a burst of crisp firecrackers, the fire test machine of the asphalt mixing station of CCCC West Road Construction Co., Ltd. Changyu construction project was successful and officially resumed

Changyu project is the reconstruction and expansion project of Changchun Lalin section of Beijing Harbin expressway, with a total of 20 kilometers in all directions. CCCC West Construction pavement branch is mainly responsible for the construction of water stability and asphalt concrete pavement works, and the construction period is expected to be 3 years. In 2018, the pavement engineering branch strictly implemented the standardized construction and adhered to the standardized management. This year, kiefel also organized all its packaging business into a kiefel packaging division, implemented standardized construction, reasonably arranged resource allocation, and completed a total of 400000 tons of left gravel cushion, water stabilized base, subbase, and asphalt stabilized macadam (ATB-25)

2019 is a decisive year for more than one project, with tight construction period and heavy tasks. At the beginning of February, the materials and test personnel of the branch company did not fear the severe cold, and went to the project in advance to make preparations to ensure the smooth construction this year. On March 25, the project manager led 8 Under certain conditions, lead the main heads of all departments to investigate the potential safety hazards before resumption of work in the whole plant area, assign the heads in different regions, and limit the rectification time to complete the rectification work. On March 26, according to its technical requirements, cannon afros provided a set of the most cost-effective scheme manager and the safety department to carry out safety education and training for all personnel of the project, and signed safety regulations with the heads of all departments. All preparations laid a good foundation for the successful construction in 2019

all staff of Changyu project department will work together to overcome difficulties, complete relevant work in 2019 with high standards, high efficiency and strict requirements, and deliver a satisfactory answer for the company's new business development

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