The hottest retired professor used plastic bottle

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Retired professors cover their houses with plastic bottles

according to British media 20, a Serbian retired professor built a 60 square meter house with 13500 plastic bottles over five years, which is expected to create a new Guinness world record. Taking pla+pc, soybean foaming polyurethane and other biological materials, he officially moved into this unparalleled plastic bottle house for plastic film a few days ago

this strange man is Tommy slavradovanovic, from the central Serbian town of klagujivak. As early as five years ago, with the help of students, he collected all kinds of discarded plastic bottles. After five years of hard work, a 60 square meter plastic bottle house was finally completed

except that the foundation of this strange shaped hut is made of concrete, which is the significance and value of discussion and debate, both kitchen furniture and windows are made of plastic bottles

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