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Uncover behind the crazy investment in the wallpaper industry: overcapacity

the supply of wallpaper products will increase rapidly in 2013. Its production speed and scale will be expanded. Naturally, the production volume will also expand to several times that of previous years. Recently, manufacturers of wallpaper production have always believed that China's wallpaper industry is currently facing a crisis of overcapacity, and this crisis is difficult to change in the short term. For decoration, wallpaper is an indispensable material, and all manufacturers seize the market of consumers and start mass production, resulting in excess products

overcapacity worries emerge

by the end of this year, there will be 356 wallpaper production lines in China. From the perspective of machine and equipment capacity, if each production line operates for 12 hours a day, it will produce about 1.3 million rolls of wallpaper every year, which means that the wallpaper industry will have an output value of about 460 million rolls in 2011. According to statistics, the domestic wallpaper market demand in 2010 totaled 160million volumes. Assuming that the market demand in 2011 was also set at 160million volumes, then from the comparison of production and actual demand in 2012, the wallpaper industry will have a surplus of nearly 300million volumes this year

at the same time, it is understood that there is a serious surplus of wallpapers in the market at present. According to preliminary statistics, 300million volumes have been surplus this year, which is not a small number. The development of the industry is still quite severe

economists have said that market economy itself is surplus economy. At this time, we must maintain a fair competition environment and ensure information symmetry. Moderate surplus will be conducive to market development; However, excessive supply exceeds demand, and overcapacity will cause disorderly competition in the market. The market capacity is 75%, and the surplus is 25%. The market for improving the commercial value of the city is still an orderly competitive market; However, the current ratio of 1.6:9 will only plunge the industry into a vicious circle

investment fever leads to overcapacity

after four or five years of development, the wallpaper industry has grown from more than 30 brands to more than 1000, and the rapid development has also alerted most owners. According to zhangjiaohong, Deputy Secretary General of China Association of building decoration and decoration, with the development of real estate, the development of wallpaper is still not optimistic, and the development is still quite severe. However, outsiders do not understand this. Outsiders in the wallpaper industry such as textile, fabric, flooring, cabinet and paper industry have stepped into the domestic wallpaper market. In the final analysis, the emergence of this phenomenon is the word "interest"

market potential has become one of the main reasons for outsiders to compete for food. Figures show that more than 90% of indoor walls in Japan and South Korea are covered with wallpaper, while in China, the proportion is only 5%. According to the data, compared with foreign countries, some insiders once described that in Japan and South Korea, as long as someone gets a place, there will be wallpaper. It seems like a joke, but it actually implies that China's wallpaper market has great potential, which virtually provides unlimited imagination for these outsiders

in addition, the illusion of high profits also provides imagination space for the scientific research team of outsider Qu Jinping to carry out the research on polymer processing technology based on tensile rheology. But in fact, the profit of wallpaper industry is very meager

overcapacity may cause industry chaos

at present, we focus on a level that is usually very easy to be ignored - the market share of the automotive material wallpaper industry only accounts for 5%. Due to China's development, even if there is excess wallpaper, the crisis caused by it is not big. Some insiders pointed out that the wallpaper industry has excess capacity, so the price of wallpaper naturally decreases, and more and more enterprises are involved in the more brutal price war vortex, resulting in low space profits of production enterprises

the wallpaper industry in China has actually developed for a long time. From the 1980s to the present, it has experienced three ups and downs. The reason for each decline is that the industry itself does not take the cultivation of young talents and the coordination and innovation of competition as the top priority. According to the analysis of insiders, in the long run, the disorderly development will make the wallpaper industry repeat the old rut and bring serious impact to the industry

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