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Costron: build your own brand in the anniversary celebration

costron: build your own brand in the anniversary celebration

September 2, 2016

[China paint information]

in June 2015, the German pharmaceutical giant Bayer Group announced that it would peel off plastic and chemical touchable screens, USB, Bluetooth interfaces and other functional descriptions will also be applied. Since then, the company formerly known as Bayer materials will officially change its name to covestro and begin a new independent operation. The work related to the separation will be fully carried out in the next few months

costron's business is mainly focused on the production of coatings and raw materials. Polycarbonate plastic, which is widely used in electronic products, automotive components, industrial production and other industries, is a typical representative. Bayer's move is only to focus more on its highly profitable pharmaceutical and agricultural chemicals business, and it is planning to acquire mengsandu company recently

although the old employees from Bayer are still the main force of costron, and Bayer still holds 64% of the shares of costron, the company leader Mr. maccleary believes that the top priority is to find yourself, regain a new life, and become famous in the industry. At the same time, we should also eliminate the tension in the company and make employees believe that the sun will still rise as usual

after that, a year passed

sitting in the bright and clean office, watching the workers install the new logo of covestro bit by bit, thinking about the anniversary celebration in the near future, Mr. Ma should also consider whether the oil is too thin and dirty. Cleary couldn't help but sigh: "looking back on this year, we have experienced a lot, but all this is worth it. Now I can say that we have succeeded."

this also depends on the amazing results achieved by cosy under the condition of small wear

in 2015 (including the eight months fully controlled by Bayer), the total turnover of kostron reached 12.1 billion euros, of which 3.4 billion euros came from the North American market

on the wall of the company, there is a promotional photo of a new product, on which a blonde girl with braids is jumping onto a mattress made of kostron polyurethane foam

mr. maccleary said, "the world should see our change. Now the bond between the company and employees is human relations. And in terms of brand building, we have achieved little. You see, at least now you can pronounce the name of costron."

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