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"Revenge man" forced the bus for more than 100 times, and his impulsive behavior violated the criminal law

just because he was hindered by a bus on the road, a man in Nantong drove a private car for more than 100 times, and finally paid a heavy price for his impulsive behavior

since October 2015, Nantong bus No. 48 and No. 616 have repeatedly encountered a black modern private car with a license plate number of Su f33f * * when driving on the Nantong Xiaohai Zhangzhishan and Tonghu elevated road sections. The bus had to brake urgently to slow down, and the passengers have been frightened for many times, bringing great safety hazards to the normal operation of the bus and passengers

what makes people more angry is that this black Hyundai with Su's f license plate under the guidance of the Canadian Standards Association deliberately slowed down after overtaking, hovered around in front of the bus for a long time, and forced the bus many times in as long as minutes. The 15 drivers of Nantong bus No. 48 and No. 616 have encountered this situation many times

at about 12 noon on February 16, Gu Hongfang, the driver of Nantong bus No. 48, was forced to drive the bus to Xiaohai Town, Nantong Development Zone by this black modern private car again, and followed the bus all the way to the Tonghu viaduct and then continued to force the car. Angry passengers called 110 at that time

after receiving the alarm, the ninth brigade of Nantong traffic police detachment attached great importance to the police situation, and quickly launched an investigation into the black modern private car. At the same time, it actively coordinated with the local police station to find the driver involved, and collected a large number of evidence that the black modern private car forced the bus. Adopt the technology of combining analog filtering and digital filtering

in the afternoon of February 18, under the heavy work of the police, the driver involved came to the ninth traffic police brigade for questioning. In the face of a large amount of evidence from the police, the driver involved Wang admitted that he had driven the bus for many times. The cause is even more ironic. When the suspect Wang drove the vehicle on the road in October 2015, a bus entering the station affected his normal driving. In a fit of anger, he forced the bus for many times, and then it got out of control. As long as he saw the No. 48 and No. 616 buses, he followed them all the way

at present, the suspect Wang has been released on bail by the police on suspicion of provoking trouble, and the case is still under further investigation and trial

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