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Restructuring to enhance the industrial potential

restructuring to enhance the industrial potential -- Hunan listed companies explore leapfrog development

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PPC finally achieved mass production: self accumulation is too slow, bank loans are too difficult. Since its launch, Hunan Listed Company iquide XP has been very popular in the market. Focusing on its main business, the company has gone hand in hand with direct financing and asset restructuring to explore ways to achieve leapfrog development through capital operation. Last year, China's securities market was generally soft, and direct financing was not easy. Hunan shares still tried every means to co Finance

"self accumulation is too slow and bank loans are too difficult." Hunan listed companies focus on their main business, go hand in hand with direct financing and asset restructuring, and explore ways to achieve leapfrog development through capital operation

last year, China's securities market was generally soft, and direct financing was not easy. Hunan shares still made every effort to raise a total of 2billion yuan. As an inland province with relatively lagging economic development, Hunan relies on the economic strength and financing functions of 39 A-share listed companies in the country. In recent years, Hunan listed companies, which originally started from a low starting point, have taken advantageous industries as the main line and capital operation as the link, implemented industrial integration through mergers and acquisitions, raised the industrial position, and become industry leaders, effectively stimulating the regional economy

Longping high tech has become the largest hybrid rice seed industry company in China by investing in new companies and acquiring intangible assets such as technology and market resources in the same industry. Zoomlion acquired Hunan Machine Tool Plant in the form of debt and Puyuan in the form of capital contribution, realizing the strong alliance of large enterprises in the same industry, and further establishing its leading position in the same industry in the country. Dongting aquaculture actively implements the "Great Lake expansion" strategy, and has wholly-owned or controlled the second to seventh largest aquaculture water surface in Hunan Province, forming a relatively complete value-added industrial chain: high-quality seedlings - high-quality aquatic products - special aquatic products - biopharmaceutical. A few days ago, Xiangdian announced to purchase 69.96% of the equity of Changsha water pump factory with 59.94 million yuan in cash, expand into the ideal downstream industry at a low cost, change from the supporting player of the water pump industry to the leader, and quickly open up the industrial chain of the water pump industry

at present, Hunan listed companies have achieved success in pursuing industrial potential with the leverage effect of capital. Among the 11 major landmark projects to promote industrialization in Hunan during the Tenth Five Year Plan period, 7 landmark projects, including information industry (Hunan computer), high-quality steel (Valin pipeline), high-end cigarettes and food (drunkard, Jinjian rice industry, Yahua seed industry), urban rail transit (Shidai Xincai, Xiangdian Co., Ltd.), engineering machinery (Zoomlion, Sany Heavy Industry), petrochemical (Yueyang Xingchang), cultural products (radio, television and radio media), have a total of 11 listed companies, In just three years, Valin pipeline took the lead in becoming the first company in Hunan with an asset scale and sales revenue of more than 10 billion

the relevant departments of the local government, in accordance with the principle of marketization, vigorously promote the implementation of listed companies and adopt a unique activity design for qualitative asset restructuring, prevent and resolve the risks of mergers and acquisitions, actively guide the asset restructuring of listed companies to cooperate with the adjustment of Hunan's industrial structure and economic structure, and realize the optimal allocation of resources through shell merging, shell letting, asset replacement, mergers and acquisitions and other forms, Help listed companies become stronger and bigger and become the leader of advantageous industries in Hunan. In response to the 26 state-owned listed companies in Hunan that have attracted public attention, the Hunan provincial government has recently made it clear that it will implement "three batches", that is, a larger batch is generally specified as 1 ≤ h0/d ≤ 3, and a stronger batch, with state-owned capital relatively controlled; Reorganization and integration of a number of state-owned capital shares; Transfer a batch of state-owned capital and withdraw

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