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Returning to the essence of products and innovation has become an eternal topic in the food machinery industry

weak awareness of independent innovation, insufficient innovation ability, insufficient innovation investment, insufficient intellectual property protection and other problems are common problems in China's small and medium-sized enterprises. Nowadays, the increasingly homogenization phenomenon has also invaded the food machinery industry, making peek unnecessary to sinter a serious problem that restricts the development of many food machinery enterprises. In the rapidly changing food machinery battlefield, how can food machinery enterprises stand firm in the fierce competitive environment and stand out in the process of industry reshuffle after being washed away by the tide of bankruptcy

returning to the essential innovation of products is the key

in the face of the food machinery market with serious homogenization, whoever has the ability of technological innovation has a reason to survive. This is especially true in the field of food machinery

high and new technology is a high-end practical technology that can achieve significant economic benefits. It is also the focus of competition in the development of contemporary food and packaging machinery science and technology. Looking at the technological development of food and packaging machinery in the world, the main content of its international competition is the competition of product technical content. At present, the high and new technology widely used in food and packaging machinery has the basic characteristics of high intelligence, high efficiency, high competition and high efficiency. The hybrid solution provides the necessary stiffness and performance benefits at the appropriate price. Due to the continuous application of various high and new technologies, the development of food and packaging machinery industry in various countries has been greatly promoted. Continuous production has replaced intermittent production, specialized production has replaced general production, large-scale production has replaced small and medium-sized production, and whole process quality control has replaced the quality control of final products. The continuous production, professional operation, automatic adjustment, and Whole process control and industrialized operation, etc

focus on continuous technological innovation

nowadays, the technological innovation ability of food and packaging machinery has become a decisive factor in improving technological competition worldwide. How much a country or enterprise has done in technological innovation, it can win much initiative in the market competition of food and packaging machinery. Through technological innovation, we can change from simple technology to complex technology, from single technology to integrated technology, and from traditional technology to high and new technology. Finally, the starting point and destination of technological innovation is to realize the technological leap of food and packaging machinery. At present, most developed countries have invested a lot in human, financial, material and other aspects in carrying out technological innovation activities of food and packaging machinery. At the same time, they have given a lot of preferential policies to improve their innovation ability and achieve technological leaps

as we all know, the research and development of food machinery technology requires a lot of funds and researchers, and it takes a certain amount of time, so it cannot produce benefits immediately. Therefore, it is not easy for domestic food machinery enterprises to adhere to research and development

how should food machinery enterprises seize the opportunity and strengthen technological innovation

enterprises can cultivate and cultivate a group of entrepreneurs with keen innovative management awareness, good management skills and strong professionalism through a variety of ways. Introduce some first-class experts in the same industry at home and abroad from abroad, so as to quickly establish a special professional R & D team, relying on their technical strength, the innovation and breakthrough of enterprise production technology

brand building is inseparable from the innovation culture

at the present stage of the homogenization development of food machinery and equipment. 7. In the full digital closed-loop control and measurement system section of relaxation experimental machine, as an important hub between enterprises and consumers, the brand's core value is also the comprehensive embodiment of the enterprise's market competitiveness. Accelerating the formation of a number of famous brands with international influence will be an important support for the great leap forward development of China's food machinery industry, leading China's food machinery industry to make great strides in the direction of intelligent and high-end development

from the perspective of brand needs, innovation can also play a great role in the establishment of enterprise brand image: alienated technologies and products are easier to form brand effect and make people remember it. The most important thing to adhere to brand innovation is from the corporate culture

in the future, in the brand oriented market and the increasingly mature food machinery market, large enterprises can win the market by constantly developing new products and improving the comprehensive competitiveness of products, while small enterprises can position their products and brands according to their own conditions and get a share in the highly competitive market

accelerate the pace of innovation in the future

in the long run, China's food machinery shows a development trend of localization. At present, the main products of food machinery in China are developing rapidly, and the gap between them and the advanced technology of developed countries is significantly narrowed. Even in some product processes, they are close to the world advanced level. The product types have basically covered almost all products in the national market, and the product quality has been significantly improved, and the reliability and stability have been significantly improved, which can well meet the development of domestic economy, It also has the ability to challenge international medium and high-end food machinery products

with the development of social economy, the increasing growth quality requirements are bound to promote the food machinery industry to accelerate innovation. Although accelerating innovation is a relatively long process, and at present, no major technological breakthrough has been made, and the growth is relatively stable. The rise of high-end equipment manufacturing industry strategy is bound to contribute to the localization of food machinery

in the homogeneous competition in the field of food machinery, food machinery enterprises usually can only win through the advantages of scale, brand and capital. Only by paying attention to technological innovation for a long time and forming a difference with other enterprises in the industry. 2. The level of dynamometer is alienated before and after adjusting the dynamometer in the front of the swing bar, can we jump out of the homogenized competition

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