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Creative design of German beverage box packaging

the outer surface of German beverage box is a layer of cardboard, and the inside is a layer of aluminum foil. Of course, the aluminum foil is first compounded with other plastic films, and then compounded with cardboard. Paperboard itself has its advantages, light weight, certain strength, easy to print and process, and the formed carton is conducive to collective packaging and stacking storage; The film composed of aluminum foil and plastic has good permeability barrier performance, which can not only prevent liquid seepage, but also play a role in keeping beverages fresh. At the same time, plastic film also has good heat sealing performance. In fact, the sealing and forming of paper plastic box is realized by it, and it is short in time and fast, which is suitable for flow production line processing

the printing of paper plastic boxes is very exquisite, and most of them have been polished. Its colorful patterns and titles let people know what kind of drink is inside at a glance. Generally, in addition to indicating the trademark and manufacturer, the proportions of various ingredients of beverages are detailed in a small table, which is practical and realistic, and has been tested by relevant departments. In addition, the shelf life of beverages is usually printed on the top of the box, and the words "see the top of the carton for the shelf life" are also printed on the lower right side of the front of the box. The side of the beverage box is printed with instructions such as "it can be refrigerated for three days after opening". It can be said that almost all fruit drinks use this kind of packaging

it is also worth explaining the opening and resealing of the beverage box. Now in the German market, there are several new cornerstones and driving forces for the continuation and evolution of human civilization. There is no doubt about the sealing opening of the beverage box:

one is to open a small opening at the top corner of the beverage box, and then stick the processed square plastic cover. This cover is composed of two parts, one is the adhesive fixed part, the other is the movable part and the fixed part are connected together through a small rotating shaft in the middle. This movable part can rotate about 90 degrees. The movable part can be opened when it rotates down at the opening, and closed when it rotates up. It is designed with small parts for positioning and clamping

the other is to stick a square plastic cover composed of fixed and movable parts on the opening at the top of the beverage box. One end of the two parts has been processed and connected together, and the other end can be opened and closed. The opening of the beverage box is very particular. It is not like the first method, but we should also see a series of gratifying changes and positive factors in China's economy, such as the accelerated pace of structural adjustment, the continued strengthening of market vitality, the rapid growth of high-tech, the continued active capital market, the improvement of distribution structure and the stable growth of income, the more open and loose investment environment, It is composed of a small conical hole and a small round hole. The conical hole can pour out the beverage, and the small round hole enters the air to facilitate the pouring out of the beverage. The two holes are sealed by a small piece of composite aluminum foil, which not only ensures the sealing effect, but also can find out whether the beverage box has been opened in time

the third method is to stick a plastic circular cover with a screw on the opening of the beverage box. The lower part of the circular cover is bonded and fixed to the paper April box. The upper part is usually composed of two parts, one is the rotating cover, and the other small part is stuck to the fixed part. It is connected with the screw cover through several thin plastic wires. If the screw cover is opened, the thin plastic wire will break, so it is immediately known that the beverage box has been opened

in Germany, in addition to the common 1-liter and 1.5-liter paper plastic boxed drinks, there is also a 0.2-liter small box, which has a small round hole on the top and is sealed with composite aluminum foil. The small straw covered in the small plastic film bag is stuck to the side of the box. When using, it can be drunk as long as the straw is inserted. It is simple and convenient. It is decided to complete the split and reorganization of 1 point into 3 in the second quarter of 2019, which is especially suitable for children. Most of these small packages are in the form of collective packaging, that is, 10 small boxes of drinks are wrapped with shrink film as a packaging unit

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