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Revealing the foundation of IOT and smart earth, industrial computer and embedded system exhibition will be opened.

with the theme of smart productivity creation, 2012 industrial computer and embedded system exhibition ipce2012 will be held in hall 2 of Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on August. According to the organizer's creative era, Qiao XueDa, deputy mayor of dejiaozuo, is a representative enterprise in the embedded field, such as dejiaozuo instruments, Italy France semiconductor, Freescale, microchip, Fujitsu semiconductor, AMD, ADI, ansenmey, etc.; IPC enterprises, such as Advantech, borai, North China industrial control, Zhiyuan, Zhaoying, kongart, congenital, Lingjiang, etc.; as well as Zhifu, originality, jetbo, Yusheng, Liko, lilda Display and control automation and other related enterprises in the industry will attend this exhibition to display the latest IPC, embedded products, technologies and application schemes in various industries. During the exhibition, IPC embedded Expo 2012 keynote speech and the fourth MCU technology innovation and Embedded Application Conference MCU will also be held! MCU! In 2012, the Fifth China International Medical Electronic Technology minimum three technology conference cmet2012, DTF IOT technology and Application Conference and other high-end forums, dozens of industry experts were invited to discuss smart home, motor control, IPC, man-machine interface, medical electronics, IOT and other hot application markets

the combination of exhibitions reveals the foundation of IOT and smart earth technology

there is no doubt that embedded technology is driving changes in the world, from home to cars, from factories to cities, from manufacturing to services, the division of labor and interaction between products, systems and users are changing one by one, and gradually building a more intelligent and interconnected world. At the 2012 industrial computer and embedded system exhibition and the corresponding forum, more presentations and discussions will be held on these products, technologies and solutions that can change the world

at the exhibition site, St, Freescale, microchip, AMD, ADI, Advantech, Zhiyuan, lilda and other exhibitors will display smart home/digital home technologies and solutions that are close to the daily life of the public, intelligent and automation technologies in industries, automobiles, security, medical treatment, transportation, military industry and other industries, as well as the application cases and technologies of IOT technology in various industries; And various advanced embedded processors, microcontroller MCU, embedded computers, special computers, industrial storage, industrial display and other products that support these solutions and technologies

in coordination with the exhibition, IOT and smart earth related technologies are also hot topics of discussion in various forums at the same time. If in MCU! MCU! In the smart home sub forum in 2012, Mr. Liang Guoqin, a visiting professor of the school of telecommunications engineering of South China Normal University and chairman of Hedong enterprise, will combine the experience and lessons of smart home research and development, production and smart home promotion in overseas developed regions for ten years, and analyze the smart solutions of some luxury houses and important lighting application cases at home and abroad; Explore the way to break through the bottleneck of smart home in the Chinese market with the audience; Song houqing, a market analyst at infonetics research, will introduce the related equipment technology and market of smart home; He Xiaoqing, Deputy Secretary General of the embedded system branch of China Software Industry Association, will also introduce the embedded industrial computer and human-machine interface software innovation that can directly improve the user experience in the products related to IOT and smart earth

overview of hot markets: smart meters, motor control, IPC, man-machine interface, medical electronics

in addition to the relevant technologies and markets such as IOT, smart earth, smart home, smart meters, motor control, IPC, man-machine interface, medical electronics and other hot markets will also become the protagonists of the exhibition and discussion:

at the forum during the exhibition, Hong Chun, senior analyst of IMS Research (IHS Inc), will introduce the main trends of the industrial automation market in the global economic environment, and conduct in-depth analysis for each segment and region of industrial computers

zhou WanMu, senior analyst of IMS research, will also analyze the development trend and data analysis of China's motor and motor control industry from the whole Chinese machinery manufacturing market and end-user market in combination with the changing economic situation at home and abroad, and conduct in-depth analysis one by one for the markets including servo drive, servo motor, frequency converter, induction motor, motion controller, CNC, etc

ihs iSuppli industry analyst Zhu Hui will introduce the opportunities brought by the development of smart meters in China for the MCU market, including the current demand situation, export analysis and Prospect of China's smart meter Market; The application and development trend of various communication technologies of smart meters in China; Competition pattern and bidding situation of major electricity meter manufacturers; Changes in the share of major chip markets and manufacturers, etc

liumingyu, director of the product marketing department of Lanyun group, will share some key data and problems of the mobile medical market with you on cmet2012: such as the access system and regulations related to mobile medicine, the data and development status of the mobile medical market, and how consumer electronics enterprises enter the health care market

according to the organizer, this exhibition is mainly for the R & D, manufacturing, procurement and management personnel of IOT, automation, security, communication, power, transportation, automobile, medical and other related industries and enterprises. Professionals interested in this activity can now log in to visit and pre register, and enjoy more services and convenience

some new products are displayed:

STM semiconductor ST will display its new STM32 F0 series 32-bit microcontroller, which is based on the ultra-low power arm cortex -m0 processor core, integrates enhanced technologies and functions, and targets ultra-low cost budget equipment. The new series of microcontrollers shortens the performance gap between devices with 8-bit and 16 bit microcontrollers and devices with 32-bit microcontrollers, and can realize advanced and complex functions on economical user end products. Q32m210 precision mixed signal 32-bit microcontroller: q32m210 is a precision mixed signal 32-bit microcontroller (MCU), which is very suitable for portable precision sensing equipment. The architecture of this MCU has been optimized, including the arm Cortex-M3 processor core, which provides extraordinary performance, excellent energy efficiency and predictable work

Bora will display embedded industrial computer motherboards/quasi systems, tablet computers, on-board computers, machine vision systems, network power supply systems, rechargeable battery systems, cash registers/networks/Multimedia/automatic control and other products; Machine vision system, rechargeable battery solution, network power supply system, IP67 waterproof tablet computer, Nemo waterproof system, shockproof system, etc

Dingxing technology will display its innovative e-terminal: the e-banking mobile terminal mainly uses wireless technology, a comprehensive front-end application device that supports functions such as swiping the magnetic stripe of bank card, identifying ID card, password keyboard, printing, etc., and it mainly realizes mobile business functions such as electronic channel signing and card opening. In the front-end environment, the mobile terminal is a comprehensive processing component that is oriented to customers in the bank, integrates the mainstream equipment of tellers, and has mobile characteristics. It requires strong processing capacity and high security control requirements

Chuang Zhicheng will display its semi reinforced tablet computers R8 and r97, and its fully reinforced notebook computer s13r. The R series semi reinforced tablet computer adopts a fan free, light and thin integrated design. Its ruggedness, durability, portable touch and other characteristics can be applied to various harsh environments, such as logistics management, municipal and public departments, medical treatment, education, hotels, monitoring and field work. The military notebook s13r weighs 4.2kg and is light and portable. The waterproof design index of the whole machine meets the requirements of IP65, visual display in the sun, waterproof and sand proof keyboard, and the application of -20 ℃ low-temperature external battery and other key technologies, so that the anti harsh index of the whole machine fully meets the requirements of gjb322a-98 fully reinforced class A and class B

Murata Murata will exhibit the radio frequency tag magictrap; Ble Low Power Bluetooth module; New products such as anion generator: Murata's concept of smart electronics leading smart life provides a product line from the prototype model of MWD (1) 0, microcomputer controlled (fully automatic) wood-based panel universal experimental parts to modules. Portable electronic medical devices can guide the demand of wireless communication for the transmission of daily health index measurement data. Murata is one of the members of kongka and the largest module supplier in the world, with high-performance products and excellent services. At the same time, it also provides other high-reliability products and high-quality services. The high-power modules and components used in the power circuit improve the stability of the equipment. RFID and insulating devices will provide more additional functional value for customers' products

the sensor products that Puquan Electronics will display have been mature and applied to various key parts such as detection, feedback and control, and can be measured and customized according to customer requirements to provide ideal solutions. The products involve various fields of aerospace, machinery, medical treatment, automobile, household appliances and electronic power equipment. The complete series of power supply products can meet almost every demand in the field of laboratory, industry and education, which account for more than half of the global market share

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