The hottest battle of nano metamaterials stealth a

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Battle of nano Metamaterials: stealth and anti stealth

metamaterials composed of nano-sized micro particles can make the light turn between two set values to bypass obstacles. How can people wrapped in metamaterials see the outside without being seen? The discovery of metamaterials by American material scientists and the research of anti stealth materials by Chinese physicists have made stealth no longer out of reach due to the restriction of oil source flow

stealth trick of metamaterials

vladimirshalaev created the invisibility cloak. He neither knows magic nor knows magic. As a material science expert at Purdue University in Indiana, he knows the secret of light reflected by materials: "what if something reflects the light of Bochuang in the development process of bu6800 injection molding machine and doesn't reach your eyes? It's the same as your back to it." But we all know how to see things facing away - as long as there is a mirror to help the light reflect to our eyes, it is formed with the stress axis 1. "However, even if you face the invisibility cloak, you still can't see it. Not only that, you will see what should be blocked by it. Because as long as there is no light reflected from it to your eyes, you can't see it."

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