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Bathroom detergent extends the contact range 4. Fracture judgment: after the sample is broken, the moving beam will automatically stop moving

a new multi-functional bathroom cleaner, x-14 orange, from WD-40 company in San Diego, California, adopts a new packaging design that is derived from a large amount of R & D investment every year. Combined with aerosol cans and a wide range of spray nozzles, it has a unique appearance effect on the shelves and improved spray function. According to Tim lesmeister, vice president of marketing of WD-40, in order to "help consumers clean their bathrooms faster and better", the detergent package with orange flavor uses 22 oz Stainless aluminum aerosol cans and round bottlenecks from CCL container

the spray outlet of the tank uses the Sirena (R) integrated polypropylene nozzle from seaquistperfect dispensing. It is said that the spray produced by the nozzle can cover an area four times larger than that of competitive products. Lesmeister commented, "the spray not only achieves the goal of wide coverage, but also has a good visual effect."

the design of the jar was provided by Joseph marcou. The background of the tank is orange brick pattern, and the orange pattern and product name are prominently printed in the middle. Lesmeister pointed out that this packaging design shows that the product can "easily solve the soap foam problem while simplifying the cleaning work. In the formula: a - experimental acceleration (m/s2)"

information source: packaging digest china

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