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The leisure tables and chairs used in different occasions are different. When you are resting, you can sit there drinking tea and chatting. Sitting on the leisure tables and chairs can relax your mood and take a nap, which is a kind of enjoyment. Then, let's introduce the selection of leisure tables and chairs and the size of leisure tables and chairs

purchase of leisure tables and chairs

1. When purchasing, you can see the height of the chair feet. Generally, the height of the leisure chair feet should not be too high. If there are short children at home, you can consider it

2. The height of the armrests of leisure tables and chairs should be comfortable to put on, not too low or too high. If you like the whole person to shrink in the middle of the chair, you can consider the chair with higher armrests and deeper seating surface

3. The inclination of leisure tables and chairs should be suitable for the comfort of the human body, so that the whole person will feel very comfortable lying on it. Generally, the inclination of the chair back is bounded by 90 degrees, and most chairs are slightly greater than 90 degrees

4. The seat cushion and backrest should be very comfortable to sit on. You should also pay attention to what is filled inside, and test how you feel after sitting on it

5. Check whether the structure of leisure tables and chairs is firm and whether the seams of screws and other joints are tight. These are details that should be paid attention to. You can sit on it and shake it slightly to see the stability of leisure tables and chairs

leisure table and chair size

1. This European style leisure table and chair has a cast aluminum round table of 720*760mm and a cast aluminum chair of 460*460*920mm. The leisure table and chair are very suitable to be placed on the balcony of the villa, which is very atmospheric and high-grade

2. This outdoor leisure table and chair, its table size: 920*920*720mm; Chair size: 510*620*900mm; Umbrella size: 2750*2750*2550mm. The materials used are white rattan leisure tables and chairs. It is suitable for outdoor sports

3. The table size of this leisure table and chair in Southeast Asia is 910*910*730mm; Chair size: 610*750*720mm. It uses pure hand woven environmental protection imitation rattan leisure tables and chairs, very time villa courtyard

editor's summary: that's all about the selection of leisure tables and chairs and the size of leisure tables and chairs. I hope it can help you. If you want to know more, you can pay attention to information




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