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With the improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection, indoor decoration pollution has always been the focus of people's attention. You know, we have created a lot of pollution hazards while making the house beautiful, and solving these pollution has also become the top priority after decoration, otherwise it will endanger the health of residents. To this end, the Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network specially consulted professionals to see what are the hazards of decoration pollution

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decoration pollution hazards: generally, decoration pollution hazards are divided into formaldehyde and benzene. First of all, let's talk about the hazards of formaldehyde, which are mainly divided into the following four aspects:

1. Stimulation hazards

the main hazards of formaldehyde are the stimulation of skin and mucous membranes. If you inhale too much formaldehyde by the human body, There will be respiratory tract infection, edema, eye irritation, headache and other symptoms

2. Skin allergy

in addition, if the skin is in direct contact with formaldehyde, it can cause allergic dermatitis, stains, necrosis, and bronchial asthma and other diseases when inhaling high concentrations of formaldehyde

3. Mutant disease

some owners should know that high concentration of formaldehyde is a genotoxic substance. It is understood that when inhaled in excess, it will cause nasopharyngeal tumors

4. Prominent performance

some of the more prominent manifestations are headache, dizziness, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, chest tightness, eye pain, throat pain, poor appetite, palpitations, insomnia, weight loss and neurological disorders. Long term inhalation by pregnant women may lead to fetal malformation, or even death, and long-term inhalation by men may lead to sperm malformation, death, etc

hazards of benzene from decoration pollution:

1. If exposed to benzene too much, the skin will be very dry, and some may even have allergic eczema, which is somewhat similar to the hazards of formaldehyde

2. Long term inhalation of benzene will lead to anemia, specifically manifested as dizziness, insomnia, fatigue, memory loss, etc

3. For women, inhaling too much benzene will lead to abnormal menstruation and, in serious cases, uterine bleeding

4. In addition, prolonged exposure to benzene may lead to congenital defects of the fetus, which is also extremely dangerous for pregnant women

source of decoration pollution:

usually, commonly used decoration materials will cause pollution after decoration, including paint, coating, floor leather, wallpaper, plastic, thermal insulation materials, etc., which will volatilize organic compounds after decoration. In addition, different decoration materials have different pollution periods

Xiaobian summary: decoration pollution is a problem that everyone is very worried about at present. Only after understanding these hazards, can we better avoid them, find the right response, and create a good living environment for ourselves and our families. (recommended reading: is it true that the harm of decoration pollution leads to leukemia?)




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