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The installation of sound-absorbing perforated plasterboard on the wall is simple, and it is no different from ordinary gypsum board in use. How to install ordinary gypsum board, perforated sound-absorbing gypsum board will be installed

wall sound-absorbing perforated plate provides you with a comfortable living environment

light weight and high strength, with excellent material rigidity and mechanical resistance, light weight, high strength, good toughness, easy to handle and construct

the installation is simple, and it is no different from the ordinary gypsum board. The perforated sound-absorbing gypsum board is installed as the ordinary gypsum board is installed

square hole perforated gypsum board, diamond hole perforated gypsum board, round hole perforated gypsum board, hexagonal hole perforated gypsum board

production process

product features 1 Excellent sound absorption ability, which can effectively control the reflection of sound waves

2. Professional sound-absorbing non-woven fabric imported from France has good acoustic performance. Fixed on the back of the board can prevent dust falling

3. Wedge edge design provides a smooth decorative effect

4. The accuracy of perforation size is high, and it can be made into square hole design

5. The special high-strength fiber paper faced gypsum board can still maintain high strength after perforation

6. The gypsum board can be made into a curved surface with a small radius of 2m for inner bending and 3M for outer bending

7. Combustion performance: gypsum board and light steel keel are class a non combustible materials after combined installation

scope of application: it is applicable to places with requirements for sound absorption: ceilings and partitions in public places such as lecture halls, cinemas, hotel lobbies, concert halls, railway stations and offices, and also can be used in home audio-visual rooms or TV background walls.

ingredients: preparation:

modified starch, retarders, pulp, water reducer, water, after quantitative measurement, are put into hydraulic pulpers to mix into raw pulp, Then pump into the slurry storage tank for standby

put the foaming agent and water into the foaming agent preparation tank in proportion, stir them evenly, and pump them into the foaming agent storage tank (with heating device, keep above 35 ℃) for standby

coagulant and gypsum powder raw materials enter the silo for standby through the lifting and conveying equipment


the slurry in the slurry reserve tank is pumped into the mixer by the metering pump, the foaming agent is foamed by the dynamic foaming device and then enters the mixer, the coagulant and gypsum powder are measured by the full-automatic measuring belt scale and then enter the mixer, and then all main and auxiliary materials are mixed into qualified gypsum slurry in the mixer




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