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Many owners are rushing to decorate their new houses in the decoration season in order to live in a warm nest before winter. However, after decoration, not only the indoor smell is bad, but also there will be a lot of decoration pollution. These decoration pollution can be absorbed by the human body through breathing, which is harmful to health and even life-threatening. Especially in recent years, decoration pollution accidents have occurred frequently, which is worrying. What can be done to eliminate it completely? Chinalove brings you a comprehensive decoration pollution control strategy to help you fight the decoration pollution elimination war

1. Long term ventilation (more than one year)

cost: ☆ effect: ★

analysis: ventilation is conducive to the volatilization of indoor organic pollutants, but has no effect on the pollutants hidden in the plate. Therefore, ventilation is only applicable to houses with simple decoration, light odor, good ventilation conditions and long-term storage. In addition, ventilation should be selected when the weather is fine, otherwise bad weather will damage the interior decoration

2. Placing green plants

cost: ★ effect: ★

aloe, cactus, Chlorophytum comosum, green pineapple, etc. all have the effect of removing indoor pollution. But the ability of plants to deal with formaldehyde is not enough to remove pollution in a short time, and it is more decorative. It can be used as an auxiliary means of governance, but it cannot eradicate formaldehyde

3. Activated carbon bag

cost: ★ effect: ★★

activated carbon can adsorb formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances in the air, and the price is low. Many people will put several bags of activated carbon indoors after decoration. However, activated carbon is easy to saturate, and it needs to be replaced after adsorption saturation, otherwise it is easy to cause secondary pollution. It can only be used as an auxiliary means to remove pollution, nor can it eradicate formaldehyde

4. Photocatalyst

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photocatalyst is mainly to spray titanium dioxide on building materials to form a base film, which is sealed, and photocatalysis reaction with formaldehyde and other pollutants under ultraviolet radiation to degrade indoor pollution. However, ordinary household indoor can not meet the UV irradiation conditions required by photocatalyst, and the degradation effect is not ideal. Moreover, the base film is easy to peel off, and the re release of pollutants that cannot be released for a long time is more harmful

5. Air purifier

cost: ★★★ effect: ★★★

the air purifier mainly filters out harmful substances such as free particles (PM2.5) in the air through physical filtration, which basically has no effect on organic pollutants such as formaldehyde and benzene, and needs continuous maintenance or replacement of consumables in the later stage, which is expensive and high maintenance cost

none of the above five methods can completely remove indoor pollution, or they can only be handled in a short time, which is very easy to rebound. If you want to completely remove indoor decoration pollution, you have to “ Porcelain love ” Come and help

chinalove anion air purification liquid

cost: ★★★★ effect: ★★★★

chinalove anion air purification liquid adopts deep-sea water and a variety of ores. Based on innovative multi-ion national patented technology, it is prepared using organic-inorganic chelation technology. High concentration multi-ion products, active ions that are 100 times smaller than nanometers, can go deep into the interior of pollution sources, remove indoor pollution, and reach the standard for a long time, Never bounce

chinalove reminds you: pay attention to the harm of indoor pollution! If you want to move into your new house as soon as possible, you must do a good job in pollution control after decoration. Choose chinalove, and let chinalove help you fight the pollution elimination war of home decoration, so that you and your family can live healthier and at ease




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