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On the morning of the 18th, Xiaobian and master Shen visited Mr. Chen, the first owner of the camel floor heating "Thanksgiving care, winter warmth" return visit activity. Mr. Chen, the owner of Dongfang port city, is a gentle and modest college teacher. In addition to the routine temperature measurement, inspection of wall mounted boilers, domestic water and panels, Mr. Chen also discussed some technical problems with master Shen about the use of floor heating, and expressed the hope that camel would give more technical support

camel floor heating is here to reply to all dear owners and customers. If you have any questions or problems in use, please call the after-sales service hotline 0574-87751038 or call the maintenance master directly. We will reply to you at the first time and solve the problems on site

temperature measurement

guidance on use

communication discussion

inspection of wall mounted boilers and domestic water

customer signature evaluation

gifts, group photos with customers

an owner who visited Yongcheng aristocratic family today said that the camel doll you sent is really cute. Seeing him, he remembered that your camel was warm on the ground. Xiaobian felt very warm when he heard this. We will accompany you like camel dolls. Camel floor heating will always do a good job in service, just for company, never forget the original heart, and the warmth is always there

recently, there is a popular saying on the Internet: companionship is the longest love confession. Xiaobian wants to say that when winter comes, warmth is the most tangible companionship, camel ground is warm, love is warm




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