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SAP enables the battle of China's local data center cloud computing market to upgrade

in 2016, China's cloud computing market has presented a multi-dimensional industrial layout, and in 2017, there were more players with strong overweight

on February 8, SAP announced that since 2017, SAP Greater China has officially launched the local data center in China to provide Chinese customers with four cloud based solutions, including SAP Ariba, SAP hybris cloud for customer, SAP Business by design and SAP cloud platform

meanwhile, SAP disclosed that in 2016, SAP expanded its cooperation with Chinatelecom's China Communications Service Co., Ltd., and established a strategic alliance with Alibaba cloud to jointly launch the above-mentioned new products in the Chinese market

the advantages of SAP cloud services are mainly reflected in the two service modes of SAAS and PAAS. The corresponding products and services have been successful in overseas markets. Linshirong, senior analyst of Analysys big data, told the 21st Century Business Herald that sap and Alibaba cloud have launched in-depth cooperation and launched local data centers in China, which means that SAP cloud computing business will be fully deployed in the Chinese market. In addition, it has adopted the dual strategy of mergers and acquisitions of cloud computing manufacturers and establishing in-depth cooperation with leading IAAs manufacturers to rapidly enhance the competitiveness of cloud computing business, which is expected to become an important emerging force in China's cloud computing market in the future

overweight the Chinese market

sap has been deeply aware of the potential of the Chinese cloud computing market

this potential can be seen from SAP's financial data. In 2016, SAP's annual revenue from cloud software and support products increased by 31%, of which greater China achieved a three digit growth in cloud business and a two digit growth in core software service business. This is also the third consecutive year of strong business growth for sap in Greater China. In addition, as the core software business product of sap, SAP s/4hana has more than 480 customers in Greater China, accounting for nearly 10% of its global customers

it is not difficult to explain that at the beginning of the Chinese Lunar New Year, SAP can't wait to announce the intention of launching China's local data center. At the same time, SAP also announced four cloud based solutions for Chinese customers. Among them, SAP Ariba can help users manage B2B purchase transactions based on cloud, and SAP hybrids cloud for anchor Φ 16~ Φ 24mm; Diameter of anchor cable body Φ 15~ Φ 24mmcustomer is a cloud based customer relationship management solution, SAP Business by design is a cloud solution for small and medium-sized enterprises, and SAP cloud platform is an open platform as a service product, which can further expand ERP and build better applications in a shorter time

in 2017, SAP Greater China will accelerate the improvement of aluminum material performance with significant effect to expand to the cloud as a strategic turning point to help customers achieve digital transformation. Ji bingmeng, senior vice president of SAP worldwide and President of SAP China due to the need for high temperature plastics, said on the 8th that our judgment on the prospects of business development in the Chinese market is still very positive. All enterprises need to transform themselves into software driven enterprises, which means that all companies need to invest in technology

in 2016, the overall market scale of cloud computing in China exceeded 50billion yuan. Among them, the private cloud market is about 35billion yuan, and the public cloud is nearly 15billion yuan, driving the scale of upstream and downstream industries to exceed 350billion yuan. Linshirong pointed out to the 21st Century Business Herald that China's cloud computing market is in a period of rapid development. It is expected to maintain a compound annual growth rate of about 30% in 2017, and the market size will be close to 70billion yuan

Zhenghao, deputy general manager of CCID Consulting Software and information service industry research center, agreed with the 30% growth rate of China's cloud computing market in 2017. He also pointed out that in such a fast-growing market, SAP shows a certain leading edge in technology, and its products give priority to mobile application scenarios. However, price factors may hinder its development momentum

escalation of the war

despite SAP's strong overweight, sap is far from alone in paying attention to the growth potential of China's cloud computing market and reaping dividends

at present, China's cloud computing service market is composed of cloud computing data center infrastructure, IAAs, PAAS and SaaS. Tuzhiyuan, an analyst at CCID Consulting Electronic Information Industry Research Center, told the 21st Century Business Herald that IAAs has the largest market scale and the clearest competition pattern. Players in the industry include telecom operators, bat, Microsoft, Amazon and other giants

it is understood that Alibaba cloud currently attracts PAAS and SaaS partners by providing networking, computing, storage and other services. JD cloud provides scenario based cloud services to provide users with solutions or vertical services. Tencent and Baidu provide data center construction and core services, and also launch a series of cloud computing solutions for various industries. In addition, overseas giants such as Microsoft, Amazon AWS, IBM and Oracle are also providing services

Tencent cloud told the 21st Century Business Herald that in 2016, Tencent cloud IAAs was comprehensively upgraded. In the third quarter of 2016, Tencent's payment and cloud service revenue increased by 348% year-on-year, with a total revenue of RMB 4.964 billion, of which the cloud service revenue increased by more than 2 times year-on-year. On the other hand, Microsoft told the 21st Century Business Herald that in 2016, Microsoft had launched azure, office 365, power Bi and other Microsoft Intelligent Cloud Services Based on Microsoft technology and operated by 21vianet in China

Baidu cloud put forward the Trinity development strategy of cloud computing + artificial intelligence + big data in July 2016. In October, it completed the brand upgrade and differentiated personal cloud services from enterprise cloud services. At the end of November, it formed the above strategic pattern and announced that it would invest 10billion yuan to build Baidu cloud ecosystem and Trinity strategic ecosystem in the next five years

according to linshirong, from the perspective of the current competition pattern, Alibaba cloud has maintained a three digit growth rate for seven consecutive quarters. In 2017, Alibaba cloud will become the industry leader in terms of market share. Secondly, the cloud services of Microsoft and AWS will maintain their position in the second echelon by virtue of their advantages in technological innovation and service reliability

Tencent cloud and Baidu cloud, the third echelon, adopt the strategy of coordinated development of cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and other information technologies. The cloud service system is becoming more and more perfect, and the gap with industry leaders will gradually narrow. In addition, in addition to the transformation cloud computing manufacturers represented by JD cloud and Yiyun, there are also innovative start-ups represented by ucloud and Qingyun

although the IAAs market in China is currently the largest, the top-level cloud service market such as SaaS is the largest globally. Therefore, the future development potential of SaaS in China is worth looking forward to. It is expected that it will reach 100 million in five years. According to the requirements of relevant standards, the automatic analysis results will be revised to 100 million. Tuzhiyuan pointed out to the 21st Century Business Herald

sap, Oracle and other manufacturers are focusing on the SaaS field to seize the market in advance. China's SaaS market is in the initial stage of large-scale development. The market is relatively scattered and in the stage of market scuffle. A stable market pattern has not been formed. Zhenghao told the 21st Century Business Herald that foreign-funded enterprises such as Microsoft, salesforce and Oracle are strengthening the layout of the Chinese market. Traditional domestic software manufacturers such as Kingdee and UFIDA are also transforming. Emerging enterprises in the mobile terminal era such as easy to sell and red circle sales are rapidly expanding their scale

however, international manufacturers seem to have more advantages in seizing the market. In the core enterprise management software service fields such as ERP and CRM, international manufacturers still occupy the main market share and lack strong domestic competitors. Although with the acceleration of localization, domestic enterprises have provided corresponding products and services, but in terms of product level and technical capacity, they are still unable to compete with international manufacturers

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