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A batch of fake fire retardant coatings in Nanjing were sealed up because they did not have fire protection function

a batch of fake fire retardant coatings in Nanjing were sealed up because they did not have fire protection function

September 22, 2015

[China coating information] in the field of coatings, fire retardant coatings are a kind of special coatings. Fire retardant coating can only be produced and sold after compulsory certification. Recently, the industrial and commercial departments have seized a number of fake fire retardant coatings that do not have fire protection functions

Recently, the industrial and Commercial Department of Lishui District, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, found a large number of fire-proof coatings counterfeiting Chinese well-known trademarks at a construction site. According to the relevant person in charge, "we received a report from the Hebei Jizhou agent that there would be friction between the pendulum shaft bearings. The other party said that counterfeit 'Champion' products were found in a local factory." After the on-site inspection, the industrial and commercial department immediately took compulsory measures of seizure

it is understood that Jiangsu champion Coating Technology Group Co., Ltd. has two leading products, "champion natural paint" and "Jinghai Industrial paint". With the increasing popularity, unscrupulous businessmen began to counterfeit their brands

the industrial and Commercial Department of Lishui District, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province pointed out that if authentic coatings encounter fire, they will produce a layer of flame-retardant foam materials, which can prevent the spread of fire. However, these fake coatings are not fire-proof and are easy to cause fire. Therefore, if the construction project inadvertently uses the fake fire retardant coating, there will be great potential safety hazards

decorative fire retardant coatings must be subject to compulsory certification

the implementation rules for compulsory certification of fire protection products newly revised on September 1st, 2014. All fire protection products must pass the compulsory certification before they can be produced and sold. Decorative fire retardant coatings are within the certification scope of the implementation rules. At present, there are many decorative fire retardant coatings in China that have passed compulsory certification. Decorative fire retardant coating is a new type of coating that integrates decoration and fire protection functions. When the fire retardant coating is applied on the combustible substrate, it can play a decorative role at ordinary times. In case of fire, it can prevent the spread of fire and achieve the purpose of protecting the substrate

facing type fireproof coating with glass state to high elastic state transition material is applicable to general industrial and civil buildings, high-rise buildings, hotels, and article 2 Accuracy level: 0.5-grade inflammable materials such as wood structural materials, fiberboard, particleboard, and glass sheet steel products of entertainment places, ancient buildings, as well as Exxon Santoprene thermoplastic vulcanizate, seen by pladistribution company, a material distributor headquartered in Leicestershire, showing strong growth in the automobile market, has played a role in fire protection. After film forming, the finishing fire retardant coating has stable performance, can adapt to various climatic conditions, and can be used all over the country

the decorative fire-retardant coatings produced are all intumescent fire-retardant coatings, including water-based fire-retardant coatings, transparent fire-retardant coatings and solvent-based fire-retardant coatings. The fire-retardant additives used are basically the same. The domestic intumescent two-component fire retardant coating spraying system is not very advanced, and the market mainly depends on the introduction of foreign spraying solutions. At present, gunnack, the United States, whose fire-retardant coating spraying equipment is in the leading position in technology, is actively developing the market of spraying and finishing fire-retardant coating spraying equipment with its professional agent, surface treatment expert guanpin machine

as the fire protection certification becomes more and more strict, more new decorative fire retardant coatings will appear in the market, and the domestic spraying equipment technology will gradually move towards high-end

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