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Battery height can be detected automatically and quickly

recently, Beijing lingbang Instrument Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as lingbang instrument) successfully developed a battery height automatic detection system. The system has high measurement accuracy, fast detection speed, and can avoid the scratch problem of manual detection. After simple modification, it can be widely used in the full-scale accurate measurement of various square lithium battery products, such as, MP3, MP4, digital camera batteries, etc. Insiders generally believe that the system fills the gap in the industry and will greatly improve the quality inspection efficiency of relevant battery manufacturers

will change the current situation of manual detection

for the detection of the height of lithium battery, the traditional method is to use a caliper manually. Affected by the welding of the battery edge, the accuracy of manual detection will be reduced. Moreover, the detection data of the manual caliper itself is inaccurate, which causes the biggest problem in the factory: the size detection data is inaccurate

there are a large number of battery tests in the factory, so it is difficult to trace the source after the test error, and the negative impact on the company's product quality is immeasurable. Therefore, many subjective and objective factors, such as inaccurate lithium battery measurement data, manual judgment errors, emotional loss, etc., and the glass transition temperature>400 ℃ will seriously affect the delivery quality of lithium batteries

at present, the height measurement of lithium battery is almost blank in the field of automatic detection. In view of this market imbalance, lingbang instrument organized an engineer team to start the research and development of the lithium battery detection system. After months of investigation and scheme design, the lithium battery height automatic detection system was launched. The system equipment can detect 40 lithium batteries per minute, with a test accuracy of 0.02mm. The detection battery size covers a wide range: width 25~80mm, thickness 3.0~15mm, height 30~100 mm. Learn about the contribution of advanced material technology to sustainable development

the new equipment uses laser detection technology

the system uses advanced laser testing technology, selects two lasers for height measurement, scans the contour of both ends of the battery through the relative displacement between the battery and the laser, extracts the height value with the test and analysis software independently developed by the state instrument, and calculates the height difference

the system uses non-contact optical measurement to quickly detect the height and height difference of various lithium battery products and automatically sort them. The material box is manually loaded for testing. The tested batteries are divided into qualified products and unqualified products by breaking through the fixed thinking mode, concentrating on mobilizing resources, and outputting them by classification. The equipment has the function of automatic storage of test data, statistics of the qualified rate of each batch of products and other data, and automatic generation of reports to facilitate the traceability and control of product quality

according to the introduction of lingbang Instrument Engineers, the whole process detection of the system equipment only needs one worker to operate, which can greatly save the user's labor cost and let the workers' nerves relax. At the same time, the detection accuracy and work efficiency of users' products can also be greatly improved. The working mode of caliper + eyes + hands no longer meets the needs of the electronic industry for product detection

the lithium battery height detection equipment has the characteristics of simple structure, high reliability and extremely low maintenance cost. After a few modifications, this solution can also be applied to the full-scale detection of various square lithium battery products, such as, MP3, MP4, digital camera batteries, etc. Professionals believe that the system will greatly improve the quality inspection efficiency of relevant battery manufacturers and fill the market gap in the field of highly automatic battery inspection

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