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Bauma China explores the deficiency and reality. Can winter clothes keep out the cold

bauma China probe into the deficiency and reality. Can winter clothes keep out the cold

China Construction Machinery Information

introduction: at the end of November 2008, Shanghai New International Exhibition Center, although in the severe winter season, still welcomed the 2008 BMW exhibition and the fourth China International Construction machinery, building materials machinery, engineering vehicles and Equipment Expo as scheduled. Although this exhibition is a domestic and foreign economic entities suffering from the financial crisis

at the end of November, 2008, the Shanghai New International Exhibition Center, although in the harsh winter season, still welcomed the 2008 BMW exhibition and the fourth China International Engineering machinery, building materials machinery, engineering vehicles and Equipment Expo as scheduled

although this exhibition was held against the background of domestic and foreign economic entities suffering from the impact of the financial crisis, there are still many visitors. At the same time, domestic and foreign exhibitors and visitors are not limited to the scope of the construction machinery industry. Perhaps this is because the Chinese construction machinery industry will bring hot spots in this special winter

industry experts predict that, influenced by China's policy of stimulating domestic demand, it is preliminarily judged that traditional markets such as water conservancy and high-speed rail in the construction machinery industry will be optimistic in the future, and the whole industry will still have more than 10 growth points in the next year

heroes don't ask where they come from

a major feature of this BMW exhibition is that manufacturers originally affiliated with other fields of equipment manufacturing industry directly participated in this exhibition with construction machinery as the main exhibitors, thus broadening the definition of the exclusive construction machinery industry of BMW exhibition. Among them, the manufacturers of passenger cars, trucks and other products are quite eye-catching, such as Valin Automobile Co., Ltd. and Mitsubishi Fuso Co., Ltd. of Japan. The former enters the exhibition with concrete mixer and other products, while the latter directly participates in the exhibition with passenger and truck products. Its unique passenger car head attracts a large number of visitors

German Herrick company is good at providing design schemes and core technologies of tunnel boring machines (shield machines). It belongs to heavy machinery in the traditional division of China's equipment manufacturing field. However, this time, a number of cutter head pictures were displayed in the indoor exhibition hall, with a large number of technical information

perhaps, the involvement of these non-traditional construction machinery manufacturers represents their determination and hope to expand in the traditional market of construction machinery. This also proves that the future trend of the construction machinery market may really have more and greater opportunities than other industries

in recent years, the rotary drilling rig in a large number of piling machinery occupied a considerable booth area, which can be said to be a great scene for a while. Today's crawler crane is even more beautiful than the rotary drilling rig. If you look up to the sky, in the outdoor exhibition area of Shanghai New International Exhibition Center, the blue sky can only be found in the gap of a large crane towering into the clouds

almost all of China's leading brand construction machinery enterprises exhibited their crawler cranes. The manufacture of crawler cranes with more and more large tonnage seems to have become a symbol of the strength of domestic enterprises

at the same time, other heavy machinery also appeared one after another. Although the mainstream products in the industry in the traditional sense, such as loaders, are still the main products of some major loader manufacturers, such as Xiamen Construction Engineering Group and Lingong, and some leading products that later entered the industry, such as Jiangsu ward, it seems that they have become embellishments under the background of the appearance of heavyweight products one after another

cross product field operations and the increase of heavy and large products have become one of the obvious features of this exhibition

highlight brand differentiation

one of the details of this exhibition also includes obvious upgrading and Optimization in customer differentiation and management. For example, in the past, when dealing with different customers at home and abroad, the general practice was just that the language of the materials was different. Now, there are targeted introductions and different treatments, indicating the progress of brand awareness and customer management concept

for example, for the materials of foreign customers, in addition to the different languages, the text content has also been added or deleted, and even the "attention" has been paid to the binding of documents and materials. The localization of the international market is very prominent

compared with the embellishment of traditional products such as loaders and excavators, and the publicity of rotary drilling rigs and crawler cranes, some distinctive products are also emerging quietly. Yutong heavy industry has launched more than ten kinds of small batch products, such as garbage disposal vehicles and sprinkler trucks, without revealing the staff from old loader enterprises. Refuse "mass market goods" and create high-end products with independent intellectual property rights. As its leader wuxianglin introduced, Yutong heavy industry is trying to find a new way of differentiated competition, get rid of the imprint of traditional products in the past, and strive to create a new image of high-end products and high-end brands. Maximum load FM value

it is obviously very wise for the construction machinery industry to pursue product differentiation under the condition of increasing brand concentration. At the same time, contrary to the trend of many large, medium and heavy products appearing one after another, due to the recent impact of national macro policies, another market favored by the industry is the future construction of China's rural market and the manufacturing and application of small and medium-sized agricultural engineering machinery

never discuss the fame and reputation

however, it has become the key topic of this exhibition without exception to look at the impact of the global financial crisis steadily and objectively and strive to reduce losses. In the face of the financial crisis, everyone felt the impact of the crisis, which was more or less exaggerated in this exhibition. People meet and greet each other, which inevitably includes this content. Everyone is concerned about the situation of the market and inquires about the greater harm that the crisis may cause. The most important question is where the bottom is

the development of the construction machinery industry has obvious regularity. It can be said that it has basically followed the law of "ten years of major adjustment and three years of minor adjustment". From the downturn in the past ten years before 1999 to the global baptism being experienced today, the construction machinery industry has made rapid progress since 1998, which has attracted the attention of the people concerned. The annual growth rate of more than 25% makes it a real high-speed growth industry, attracting countless funds. Although it has experienced the impact of macro-control in 2004, on the whole, there has never been a real adjustment

therefore, experts believe that in such a 10-year high-speed growth industry that users can easily identify, according to the scientific concept of development, it is obvious that it has its own needs for adjustment. Because everything has its need to return to reason after going beyond the laws of nature. It should be said that the construction machinery industry is no exception. Some people describe it this way. Imagine a train running at high speed. If its own design and structure can no longer meet the driving capacity, then this high speed will become a very dangerous thing. For example, due to the long-term excessive speed, the train has encountered some insurmountable obstacles, so this correction may need to slow down the speed or even stop for a while to achieve a greater goal

the view expressed in this paragraph indicates that the current round of financial crisis will affect China's real economy, more or less, which is actually very inevitable

in the last round of economic growth, many excellent enterprises have emerged that have filled the gap in this field in Anhui Province, and also created a number of excellent talents in the industry. In the time of great economic development, we all grow as one and the same. Growth is inevitable, except for special reasons. The difference only lies in the growth rate. However, people know that when the sea is rolling, it is difficult to gain anything. The tide goers even follow the waves with high interest. 1. At ordinary times, our standard fixture is 2 sets of flow. But after the ebb tide, those who can stay on the shore are really tested. Only the enterprises that find opportunities and gain development in the downturn are the most competitive enterprises. Perhaps we should add the elements of the enterprise's anti risk ability to the evaluation of the enterprise?! There are two realms here. One is the enterprise's ability to control risks, that is, to use risks to find and grasp opportunities, which is the highest level realm; The second is the ability to resist risks. After this crisis, people will see that some enterprises with advantageous capabilities continue to grow and enhance their ability to resist risks. Therefore, the traditional indicators for evaluating enterprises in theory are changed

especially for Chinese enterprises that have not responded to the financial crisis, learning to resist risks and enhancing their ability to resist risks may be the greatest gain. Although the saying goes: how can you see a rainbow without experiencing wind and rain! But it is a pity that there must be some things that have experienced the wind and rain, but never see the rainbow again

in the face of crisis, people generally believe that it is very important to maintain a good attitude. On the issue of sales revenue and market share, foreign brands have maintained a consistent pragmatic attitude. Liulin, head of Kubota China company, said frankly that the company will reduce its sales revenue next year to ensure realistic profits. Chenqihua, general manager of caterpillar Xuzhou excavator company, believes that the adjustment is very inevitable. For Carter, there is not much strategic impact, so Carter will not make more strategic adjustments. The leader, who has been standing for a hundred years, has his own style of seeing the world. Zhuwenbiao, the person in charge of Chengdu Shengang company, joked that the crisis had given us more leisure time. In his eyes, it was more or less a retreat. When asked about the possible impact of the crisis, Wang Ziguang, general manager of Komatsu (China) Investment Co., Ltd., showed his consistent calm and plain style of handling things - calmly

the attitude of many agents and suppliers is also very clear. In the future market sales, we will never give credit to those who owe money. Treating and mining high-quality customers well is the core of the future competition of the enterprise

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