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Battery temperature sensor France electricfil wants to expand its new sensor business

electricfil currently produces battery temperature sensors for start stop: a neutral position transmission sensor and a speed/direction crankshaft sensor. Laurentroussel, product engineering manager of electricfil Automotive in beynost, France, said that the company has noticed the interest of European car manufacturers in the stop start aspect of soft hybrid applications

the speed and direction crankshaft sensor detects that the engine stops due to the crankshaft position, while the neutral position transmission sensor confirms that "the transmission is in the neutral position before the engine starts". Both start stop application sensors are in the prototype vehicle development stage

with the new start stop application sensor gradually approaching the 2009 model, the customer is emphasizing the importance of reliability and requires early R & D verification, even in the inquiry stage. Roussel says it's about demonstrating your ability to confirm that you can meet specific customer expectations. Companies do a lot of work even before they get new business opportunities

another case about this: what electricfil engineers have done is to develop a ceramic heating plug (spark plug) for diesel engines. The traditional metal heating plug (spark plug) can usually reach 850 ℃ (1562 ° f), but the design of electricfil's plug (spark plug) is from the ambient temperature to 1200 ℃ (2192 ° f) in 2 seconds, because the air/fuel mixture can quickly reach the ignition temperature, The heating process effectively reduces hydrocarbon emissions at the start of ignition

electricfil's ceramic heating plug (spark plug) has been developed for two years and has been tested indoors on a four cylinder diesel engine. The task principle of electricfil automobile company is that the servo system controls the electromechanical strategy R & D department to make its moisture content less than 0.02%; Supervisor remypone said that this technology has a market. If companies can bring some new things to the market, they will have a market position. If you just want to copy, you will lose your market position

electricfil's R & D team can switch to manual measurement mode at this time. The team's possible future pursuit is to develop a sensor to measure pressure in the cylinder. Pone said that in addition to research and development purposes, there is no such pressure sensor on the market at present, which will be an expensive sensor. The company is willing to have a cylinder pressure sensor for production applications - for specific engines, such as a diesel engine or a HCCI (uniform charge compression ignition). Pressure provides energy for the piston, so if you know the pressure level, you can manage that the tempering color does not change after combustion heating;. But until now, the research and development of cylinder pressure sensor is only a research or in the early stage of research and development

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