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[bauma2020] ENS lubricating oil: highlight the technical background and win the market with strength

[bauma2020] ENS lubricating oil: highlight the technical background and win the market with strength

China Construction Machinery Information

-- an exclusive interview with Mr. Li Qiang, marketing director of yines Petrochemical Co., Ltd.

products with high quality, high added value and high customer experience are the eternal theme of brand development and the only magic weapon to explore the market. As the only authorized Office of Korea Meichang Petroleum Industry Co., Ltd. (Meichang and Nippon petroleum joint venture) in China, since entering the Chinese market in 2017, yines Petrochemical Co., Ltd. has always been striving for perfection in technology research and development, focusing on the three fields of engineering machinery oil, passenger car oil and industrial oil, and concentrating on improving product quality and channel services, Go all out to continuously export value leading lubrication solutions for the Chinese market

on November 24-26, Ernst Petrochemical Co., Ltd. made an appearance with its ENS lubricating oil product series. CCTV (quality) also reported it to the United States, Japan and South Korea. Developed countries such as the United States, Japan and South Korea have long listed graphite as a strategic resource for reserve. At the exhibition site, China Lubricant information () and lubricant market magazine interviewed Mr. Li Qiang, the marketing director of Ernst Petrochemical Co., Ltd., to share the fist and sincere ingenuity of ENS lubricants in serving the Chinese market

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never forget the original intention, focus on quality and improve competitiveness

yienshi (Suzhou) Petrochemical Co., Ltd. was established in May 2017, is a lubricant company specializing in Lubricant product research and development, sales, lubricant solutions and lubricant optimization solutions. Adhering to the brand commitment of "being highly responsible for every drop of oil and providing meticulous service to every customer", in more than three years of deep cultivation in the Chinese market, yines has relied on its good relationship with the four major international additive companies, adhered to market orientation, paid attention to independent R & D and innovation, and has an experienced composite and high-level R & D technical team led by industry experts, focusing on technical R & D and technical reserves in the field of new products, With the self-developed oil products with superior performance and the channel service of "ground gas", it will continue to bring more valuable lubrication options to the Chinese market

Mr. Li introduced that at present, ENS lubricating oil products include three parts: one is the oil products for ● exchange servo speed regulation system of construction machinery participating in this BMW exhibition, which are widely applicable to engineering vehicles such as excavators, loaders, cranes, pavers, cement mixers, cement pumping vehicles and large transport vehicles; Second, passenger car oil and antifreeze products, which is also the focus of intensive market cultivation of ENS lubricants in 2021; The third is industrial oil. "Relying on a strong technical team, Ernst has a strong momentum of development in the field of industrial oil. It continues to customize lubrication solutions for large manufacturing enterprises such as mines and steel manufacturing enterprises, and has gained excellent user reputation."

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the rich product portfolio not only improves the market layout, but also provides more yuan and higher quality lubrication options for the industry and users, fully demonstrating the excellent R & D ability and market foresight of Ernst. Over the years, the ENS lubricating oil technology team has always focused on the independent research and development of lubricating oil products. Its hydraulic oil, advanced diesel engine oil, vehicle gear oil, special grease for construction machinery and other products have been highly praised by users in the construction machinery industry, and the industry competitiveness has been continuously enhanced

"The company attaches great importance to the construction of the talent team. The multi-functional high-molecular medical materials, medical metal materials, medical material appearance modification skills, nano drugs, biosensors, and fine processing skills of medical devices are also rapidly updated and talents are introduced. The technical teams are composed of senior technical experts in the industry for many years. Some of them have presided over many large-scale enterprise technical transformation projects in China, and some of them have been responsible for base oil and additives The professional research of the agent is very in-depth. Many of them have more than 10 years of industry technical experience, and spare no effort to carry out scientific and technological research and quality research. " President Li said that in addition to the "soft power", the "hardware" has also been continuously upgraded. Whether it is the equipment investment in the R & D center or the investment in the laboratory, ENS keeps improving, pursues continuous improvement of product quality, and continuously outputs good products for the market

lean ingenuity, accumulated wealth and won public praise

no matter how the industry develops, the core competitiveness of the enterprise is always technology research and development. Only with strong technical support can the enterprise be comfortable in the complex market tide. Through years of striving for progress and excellence, ENS lubricants are now in the stage of steady development. Relying on stable and excellent product quality and brand awareness, it has established long-term and stable cooperative relations with high-quality customers and suppliers, and the development of new markets is also overwhelming. President Li said that based on the priority development of the surrounding areas of Suzhou, where the company is located, the business development of ENS lubricants in East China and Northeast China has achieved good results. With the new requirements of the market for products, the company has also made new breakthroughs in the research and development of new products

"in the post epidemic era, we are all facing greater pressure, but there is no point in bidding forever. It takes time, experience and quality to be an end customer. Only by doing technology research and development step by step and channel service step by step can we finally win the market." President Li disclosed that at present, the Wuxi plant of Ernst is under intensive construction, and the total capacity is expected to exceed 100000 tons after it is put into operation. "In the face of the changing times, ENS lubricants will continue to improve its product line, innovate its marketing mode, and continuously enhance its market competitiveness and high-quality development ability with original intention and ingenuity according to the market demand!"

Mr. Li Qiang, marketing director of yines Petrochemical Co., Ltd., accepted an exclusive interview with China's lubricant information

industry comment:

both are domestic. Why is Huawei a national brand, but Xiaomi, which has the first market share in India, does not have such a high level? That's because although Xiaomi is good, at present, Xiaomi is mostly an assembly machine. Its chips are imported from abroad. It only has the concept of design and assembly and lacks its own core value; Although Huawei has high pricing, it has obvious cost performance advantages and uses its own developed chips. Industry experts said that in China's lubricant industry, we also lack brands like "Huawei". Although China is the largest lubricant market in the world and is currently in a high-speed development stage, it still faces many problems, and the main bottleneck is due to the precipitation of time and the accumulation of technology. Although many enterprises are gradually focusing on R & D and innovation, their core competitiveness is relatively scattered, resources are not concentrated, and the results are not obvious

professor Fangang, Professor of Peking University, vice president of China Economic System Reform Research Association and director of National Economic Research Institute, once said: "under the new situation of internal circulation as the main body, enterprises should make high-quality, high-tech and more differentiated products with a long-term professional craftsman spirit." As a lubricant enterprise with strong technical strength, in the more than three years since it entered the Chinese market, while adapting to the continuous changes of the whole industry, in the face of a more intense consumer market, it did not blindly follow the trend and participate in endless price wars, but insisted on its own development model according to the unique characteristics of the brand, that is, focusing on technology research and development and product upgrading, The company continues to conquer the market with its strong comprehensive strength

it is hoped that entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs in China's lubricating oil industry can calm down, not be impatient for success, drive transformation and upgrading with scientific and technological innovation, accumulate and make progress, so as to realize high added value of products and make the foundation evergreen. It is also expected that in the future, Chinese enterprises in the lubricant industry will bring better and more valuable products and services to consumers, contribute to a better life, create endorsements for China and add color to Chinese brands

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