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Southwest Securities maintains the holding rating of Bohui paper industry: cash flow has improved significantly, and there is sufficient profit space in 21 years

release date: Source: daily economy

Southwest Securities "issued a research report on April 1, saying that it maintains the holding rating of Bohui paper industry. The reasons for rating mainly include: 1) white card continues to enjoy a high boom, and the ton profit is expected to continue to rise, and the molding shrinkage rate increases;; 2 according to the staff of Shunde Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, the sales volume has increased significantly, and the new production capacity in 21 years has supported the production and marketing volume; 3) The reserve of raw materials is abundant, and the cash flow has improved significantly. Risk tip: the risk of sharp fluctuations in raw material prices; The risk of sharp fluctuations in paper prices; The risk that the production of new production capacity is not as good as the expected risk of promoting the transformation and upgrading of private economy from the past to the present; Exchange rate fluctuation risk

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