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Southwest oil and gas high pressure ball valve public bidding

Sinopec International Co., Ltd. is entrusted by Southwest Oil and gas branch of China Petrochemical Corporation to conduct public bidding for the high pressure ball valve required by the southwest oil and gas high pressure ball valve framework bidding entrustment sheet. Scope of enterprises implementing the framework agreement bidding: specific implementing enterprises: Southwest Oil and gas company. It is announced today that Sinopec International Co., Ltd. is entrusted by PetroChina Southwest Oil and gas company limited to conduct public bidding for the high-pressure ball valves required by the southwest oil and gas high-pressure ball valve framework bidding entrustment sheet. Scope of enterprises implementing the framework agreement bidding: specific implementing enterprises: Southwest Oil and gas company. It is announced today that eligible bidders are invited to sign up

1. Bidding No.: wz-b1

2 Project content: Southwest Oil and gas high pressure ball valve framework bidding entrustment form

Project Overview: the project has been approved and the funds have been implemented

3. Name and quantity of bidding materials:

4 Delivery date and place: 2019 enables the manipulator to slide around the model. August 20, 2019, Deyang, Yongchuan and Weiyuan regions

5 Basic qualification requirements of the bidder:

5.1 a legal person or other organization with complete business license, tax registration certificate and organization code certificate who has the right to conclude contracts independently and the ability to perform contracts, has obtained a business license according to law, and the business license is in its validity period

5.2 as a general taxpayer of value-added tax, there is no illegal record in other procurement activities in the past three years

5.3 it has the required material supply capacity and quality control measures, and the products provided in the past three years have no major quality problems in the use process

5.4 have good business reputation, sound financial and accounting system, and good financial status and market behavior. It is not in the process of having its business license revoked, its qualification revoked, business suspension for rectification, disqualification from bidding, and its property taken over, frozen, or entered into bankruptcy proceedings by the competent authority

5.5 it is not in the state of being suspended by Sinopec for breach of contract, integrity and other reasons

6. Other qualification requirements: 1 Must pass the certification of quality management system, environmental management system and occupational health and safety management system, and obtain the gb/t 19001 IDT ISO 9001 certificate; Gb/t 24001 IDT ISO 14001 and gb/t 28001 IDT OHSAS 18001 certificates, or HSE certificates, and the certificates are within the period of validity. 2. The net assets of the bidder shall not be less than 50million yuan (provide the audit report of the previous year). 3. The bidder shall have the sales performance of the same or similar working conditions as the project in recent 3 years () and the valve structure type can cover the scope of this bidding, and provide copies and corresponding invoices (provide copies). 4. The bidder shall promise to design, manufacture, process, test and complete the relevant tests required by the technical specifications according to the requirements of the technical specifications, and shall pay complete data when delivering, and promise to accept the supervision unit designated by the owner to implement the high-end talent training plan of new materials for the whole process of on-site supervision, and the bidder shall provide the letter of commitment required by this article. 5. The bidder shall hold API 6D and API 6fa (API 607) certificates within the validity period (provide copies of certificates) and special equipment manufacturing licenses (A1 and A2 levels) (provide copies). 6. The bidder shall have good after-sales service and technical support (4-hour response, 48 hour on-site service) in China, including factory testing, acceptance of equipment, and commitment to provide on-site installation, commissioning, maintenance and inspection capabilities. 7. The bidder shall promise to participate in the training and obtain the qualification certificate after winning the bid. (provide letter of acceptance). 8. The bid winning supplier shall complete the technical agreement (provide the letter of commitment) within 10 working days after receiving the notification of the bid winning result. 9. The bid winning supplier shall promise to apply for legal person credit certification and product quality evaluation within 1 month from the date of receiving the letter of acceptance, and complete the relevant certification and evaluation within 3 months. Suppliers who fail to fulfill their commitments will be included in the record of dishonesty in bidding, and points will be deducted in the new round of bidding and bid evaluation. 10. The bidder shall promise that there is no violation of laws and regulations in safety and environmental protection in the past three years (provide a letter of commitment)

7. Meet other conditions stipulated by laws and regulations

8. See the bidding documents for detailed requirements

9. This bidding accepts the application of manufacturers (manufacturers), and does not accept the bidding of agents or distributors

10. consortium bidding is not accepted in this bidding

11. bid evaluation method: comprehensive bid evaluation method

12. cost of bidding documents: the cost of bidding documents is 1000.00 yuan, which is purchased in the way of above payment, and the bidding documents are non refundable after sale

13. time of sale of bidding documents: from 8:00 on June 18, 2019 to 16:00 on June 25, 2019 (Beijing time, the same below)

14. selling method of bidding documents: the bidding documents are purchased on the Internet. The applicant registers on the electronic bidding and tendering trading platform for Sinopec materials () and fills in the basic information (the basic information includes business license, tax registration certificate, organization code certificate, etc.), After the basic reason why the building energy conservation work is done well, obtain the user name and password and log in to the platform (if there is a user name and password on the Sinopec materials E-bidding trading platform or the Sinopec materials procurement e-commerce platform, you can log in directly), pay the cost of the bidding documents, and then download the bidding documents

15. place of submission of tender documents: upload encrypted electronic tender documents to the electronic bidding and tendering trading platform of Sinopec materials. The unencrypted electronic bidding documents are stored in USB flash disk, sealed separately with envelopes, and submitted together with the paper version of the bidding documents to the bid opening place: the bid opening hall, 46/F, global financial center, No. 188 Minzu Road, Yuzhong District, Chongqing. Among them, electronic bidding documents are produced by Sinopec electronic bidding document production tool. After production, the production tool automatically generates encrypted electronic bidding documents and unencrypted electronic bidding documents. The paper version of the bidding documents is the written printed version of the electronic bidding documents (the first page of the paper version of the bidding documents is stamped with the company's official seal)

16. deadline for bidding: 09:30, July 9, 2019

17. time of bid opening: 09:30, July 9, 2019

place of bid opening: bid opening hall, 46/F, global financial center, No. 188 Minzu Road, Yuzhong District, Chongqing. The bid documents mailed will not be accepted

18. Media of announcement: this announcement is issued simultaneously on China procurement and bidding, Sinopec materials E-bidding trading platform (), and Sinopec materials procurement e-commerce platform (), and the amendments and supplements of this announcement are issued simultaneously on the above media

19. For any inquiry about this bidding, please contact Zhou maoyun (state Chongqing bidding Center) before 09:30 on July 9, 2019, and for technical consultation, please contact Zeng Hong (for technical inquiry, please contact by letter or fax)

20. other important requirements: none

21. bidding instructions: Please note: please refer to the home page for relevant operation problems such as the downloading of bidding documents, the payment of bidding fees and bid security, the production and uploading of bidding documents: there are 7 main modules in total, and there are "platform operation manual - bidders" under the "operation guide" item in the lower left corner. If you have any questions, please consult the station. To avoid bid rejection, please read the following carefully: (1) tips for the payment of bidding document fee and bid security: (1) the bid fee must be paid by company or personal account, and other methods are not acceptable. For projects that are re invited after the flow of bids (excluding abandoned bids), the bid fee does not need to be paid. After registration, the system will automatically open the permission to download bids. (2) Payment of security deposit: the security deposit must be paid in the company's account, directly to the Guangfa account number corresponding to this bid through bank, wire transfer, etc., and shall not be remitted to other accounts; Each bid (package) must be paid separately, and consolidated payment is not allowed. The bid security account numbers of the bidders participating in different bids (packages) are different. Please follow the payment process. If you have any questions, please consult. The deposit payment accounts of different bidders are also different. The wrong payment of the deposit to other accounts may lead to the rejection of the bid, or the deposit cannot be returned in time. (3) The bank billing information and number, e-mail address, etc. should be correctly filled in (due to the incorrect filling information, it is impossible to issue, send invoices, etc.), and the bid fee invoice is an electronic invoice, which should be sent to the e-mail of the bid contact. If there is any problem with payment or download, please consult. If the bid security is not paid before bid opening, the bid will be rejected. (2) Tips for preparation and submission of bidding documents: (1) this bid is ca electronic bidding, and the bidder must use special production software to generate electronic bidding documents with suffix nzgshwztf (the software is downloaded from the download center in the lower left corner of the homepage of Sinopec materials electronic bidding and tendering trading platform). If other formats are generated and cannot be uploaded, the bid will not be able to be submitted. (2) The electronic CA lock is required for signature and encryption when making the tender. If you are participating in the electronic tender for the first time, please buy it from the station as soon as possible, so as not to delay the tender by mailing (consultation). (3) The bidder must upload encryption technology and commercial electronic bidding documents before the deadline for bidding (the naming method of electronic bidding documents is "company abbreviation + technical or commercial bidding documents", such as the commercial bidding documents of XX company). (4) The unencrypted electronic tender document is copied to a USB flash disk and sealed separately. It is submitted to the bid opening place together with the paper tender document (if this clause is inconsistent with the pre attached table of the bidding document, this clause shall prevail). The paper tender document is 1 original and 0 copy. If the tender document is not submitted as required, it will have the right to reject it. The electronic version of the tender document must be consistent with the paper version (it must be the version generated at the same time as the encrypted version uploaded, otherwise it cannot be uploaded). The tenderer shall bear the bid evaluation errors caused by inconsistency. (5) The bid documents cannot be uploaded after the deadline of bid opening; Decryption will begin after the deadline for bid opening. (6) After uploading the bid, you can simulate the decryption by yourself to avoid being rejected due to unsuccessful decryption at bid opening. If there is any problem with the simulation, you can consult. (7) In principle, the technical and commercial bidding documents shall be decrypted remotely (at the place where the bidder's own company or computer meets the decryption conditions) at the same time during bid opening. If you have any questions, please call as soon as possible. The on-site computers are limited, which is not conducive to timely decryption due to the large number of people. Without special circumstances, the decryption time is within half an hour after the announcement of bid opening (subject to the site). If the decryption is not successful within the specified time due to the bidder's reason, the bid shall be deemed to have failed. (3) Other important notes: (1) this bidding adopts the post qualification method. For the qualification requirements, see "5. Basic qualification requirements of the bidder and 6. Other main qualification requirements" in the bidding announcement. The bidder must respond to the qualification requirements one by one and provide instructions or supporting materials. If any of them is not satisfied, its bid will be rejected. (2) For the main technical requirements and specification parameters of the bidding products, the bidder must respond one by one, providing instructions or technical support materials. For the indicators with specific specification parameter requirements, the bidder must provide the specific specification parameter values of the bidding products. It is not allowed to copy the relevant parts of the technical specifications of the bidding documents as its technical response, otherwise, the bid evaluation committee has the right to reject its bid. (3) The bidder must fully respond to the quotation requirements, main commercial terms, bid schedule and other contents, otherwise, the bid evaluation committee has the right to reject its bid. Please place the excel quotation sheet on the business USB flash disk. (4) Clarification and Q & A are published through the electronic bidding platform, and bidders must log in to view clarification and Q & A every day; For questions related to bidding, please send the word version to the text

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